Freedom from religion in danger everywhere in West, Re: Australia: Muslims break into house of convert to Islam and give him 40 lashes for drinking, Jihad Watch, July 18, 2011

Freedom from religion is a pillar of Western countries. Westerners are perfectly free not to subscribe to or practice religion of any sort if they so choose, nor is religion allowed to intrude in the public sphere. Conversely, there is no such freedom under Islam and in Islamic countries. Practicing Islam is mandatory. People who choose not to abide by Islam’s imperatives or ex-believers who choose to leave Islam altogether suffer terrible consequences, including torture and death.

Freedom from religion is being eroded throughout the West. Islam and Islamization are large and growing problems in every single Western country there is and they are impossible to avoid virtually wherever we are. Westerners are confronted by them daily. Islam manifests itself all over the West and freedom from religion is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as a result because Islam is forcing itself down our throats no matter where we live.

Although non-believers in the West aren’t being forced to practice Islam, yet, our countries are being attacked and fundamentally changed as Islam becomes more and more prevalent and as it attempts to force us all to live under Islamic law…as Islamists refuse to abide by our values, principles and practices where they conflict with theirs (which is essentially everywhere) and as Islam seeks to reign supreme in all our lands. The incident mentioned above happened in Australia but the same sort of thing happens daily in every Western country as Islamists try to impose and enforce Islamic law and to change our way of doing things to conform to Islam.

Freedom from religion is basic to Western thought and the Western way of life. If that goes everything else goes too, freedom ceases to exist and Islam takes over all our countries. Don’t think it can’t happen either.

It will if we let it.

Oh, the 40 lashes was not an arbitrary punishment. Islamic law is clear. Muhammad once flogged a man 40 times for drinking alcohol and that remains the punishment to this day.

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