U.S. interests and Obama interests not the same, Re: Assad’s Survival Threatens U.S. Interests, Commentary Magazine, July 19, 2011

The three most vital interests of the United States in the Middle East are the survival of Israel, keeping the shipping lanes open and the oil flowing and preventing Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Israel is essential to the national security of the U.S. and if she is attacked and falls America won’t be far behind, if the shipping lanes are closed and oil stops flowing the American economy will be devastated and if Iran possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them nuclear attacks against Israel and the United States are a foregone conclusion. There are other important interests as well of course but these three are the most vital.

The Assad regime in Syria is actively pursuing the destruction of Israel and has been for many years (in partnership with Iran I might add), is a key ally of the Iranians and will materially support them if they shut the shipping lanes and close the taps and plays an important role in Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and the short and long range missiles to mount them on. These activities clearly threaten U.S. interests in the region and just as clearly threaten America itself. The United States should be doing everything in its considerable power to topple the regime and break the Iranian connection for national security reasons if nothing else. It isn’t doing anything of the kind however because President Obama’s interests take precedence over U.S. interests.

Obama has a long and well-documented antipathy to Israel and wants to weaken it and bring it to its knees to accommodate the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world. Obama wants to lessen America’s dependence on oil and make the cost of gasoline prohibitive by lowering supply in order to reduce its use. Obama doesn’t mind if Syria helps Iran develop and acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them because he sees that as a means of dealing with Israel and thinks their use can be contained in any case. Obama wants to reach out to the Arab/Islamic world and align America with it and believes toppling Assad would preclude that.

Those are Obama’s interests. They are not America’s, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Obama doesn’t understand the Middle East at all and doesn’t have a clue about what America’s real interests are. Or why. Or how to achieve them. That puts us all in a great deal of danger.

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