The murderer couldn’t have acted alone, Re: Norway reels following attacks in Oslo, Utoya youth camp, Toronto Star, July 23, 2011

The mass murders in Norway cannot be justified or excused or celebrated. They were abominable, inhuman acts and the perpetrator or perpetrators are monsters. So is anyone else who was involved. Those are givens and no amount of rationalization can change that. It is also a given that the 92 people who were killed and the hundreds who were wounded were innocent victims who did not deserve their fate.

It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik, the sole accused so far, could not have acted alone. Even if there was no second shooter (and police are investigating rumors that there was) Breivik still had to have help in executing the bomb attack in downtown Oslo and the shootings on Utoya Island. A great deal of expertise and months of planning and training are required to carry out acts like this and it defies belief to think he could have done it all on his own.

There were unexploded munitions in buildings in the downtown and on the island. Do you think he put them there by himself? Do you honestly think that one man can shoot and kill 85 people in 90 minutes the way he supposedly did?  

Personally, I think Breivik is a weak, shallow, disaffected, angry young man who was manipulated into carrying out these acts and set up to take the fall for them by people who wanted to deflect attention away from themselves for any number of reasons.

Who did this? The possibilities range from right wing extremists to left wing extremists to Islamic terrorists to anti-war nutters and every variation thereof. One thing is obvious however. Whoever was in the background was terribly unhappy with the Nowegian government, possibly over its immigration policies, its growing concern about Islamization in Norway or the Norwegian military participation in Afghanistan and Libya.

Until we have concrete evidence we should avoid assigning blame because without concrete evidence anything that is done will be based on conjecture and stereotypes and ultimately harmful to us all. It may even lead to religious or racial persecution and war…come to think of it, sparking that may have been the motive behind these atrocities. Perhaps right wing extremists wanted to provoke a reaction against Muslims? There have been volumes written about Breivik’s Christian background…perhaps Islamic terrorists wanted to provoke a reaction against Christians?

Perhaps left wing extremists wanted to provoke a reaction against right wing extremists?

Perhaps anti-war nutters wanted to make a particularly graphic point?

All things are possible but without concrete evidence we really don’t know anything.

Once we get concrete evidence the people in the background should be punished to the full extent of the law, as should Breivik.

It goes without saying that the Norwegian government should conduct a thorough, ongoing, open investigation and should leave no stone unturned until the case is solved and the public knows who was involved besides Breivik and what their motivation was. There should be no hint of a cover-up  like there was in the Oklahoma City bombing, regardless of the consequences.

It also goes without saying that Breivik’s rantings or pronouncements aren’t concrete evidence of anything except his own lunacy.

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