Overseas trip abject failure, not triumphant at all, Re: Back from triumph overseas, Obama faces the music at home: Toronto Globe & Mail, July 13, 2009

President Obama’s recent trip to Russia, the G-8 conference and Africa was an abject failure and cannot be described as triumphant by any objective observer. His lack of leadership was shameful and he was manipulated into making decisions that are inimical to the interests of the United States and the west. In no way can it be said that U.S. interests were advanced whereas many commentators from all over the world, including this one, think that his actions, or lack of same, severely compromised America and it’s allies.

In Russia, Obama agreed to reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal by 33%, eliminated a missile defense plan for Poland, revised history by stating that America didn’t really win the cold war and failed to recognize and understand that Vladimir Putin remains the real power in Russia and is in fact a crafty, violent, dangerous person who will stop at nothing to advance his country’s interests. Obama also did not stand up for American values when he had the opportunity to do so and generally came across as weak and groveling.

In an article in American Thinker entitled Obama’s Failed Mission to Moscow Kim Zigfeld writes ” Obama took the first steps towards a new nuclear arms reduction agreement, yet he left many loose ends that let analysts like Charles Krauthammer worry whether the agreement might not be a serious sellout of American national security. He did not even try to get a commitment from the Kremlin regarding the integrity of Georgia’s borders following the August 2008 invasion, nor did he try to get the Kremlin to stop supporting Hezbollah, Hamas and most especially Iran, and he said nothing while in Moscow about the Kremlin’s outrageous behavior in this regard, or about it’s efforts to support the lunatic ruler of Venezuela. He said nothing about Russia’s repeated buzzing of U.S. military bases with nuclear bombers.”

You get the picture.

During the G-8 conference the government of Iran continued it’s brutal treatment of people who demonstrated against the patently false election results, treatment which includes torture and murder. Obama’s failure to galvanize the G-8 into action opposing this guaranteed that the Iranian government will carry on with their evil deeds. In fact, he has done nothing to date to cause the theocrats to mitigate or stop their reprehensible behaviour and his obvious unwillingness to take concrete steps has┬ásimply encouraged them. The same applies to Iran’s nuclear program. Obama’s failure to convince the G-8 to take concrete steps against it’s development of nuclear weapons, which everyone agrees is unacceptable, sends the message that there won’t be any real consequencs if it continues on it’s current path. President Obama’s lack of leadership and moral vision legitimized the government’s behaviour and did nothing that might lead to change in either area.

There were other failures as well. For example, the G-8 failed to effect any progress in our abominable response to the global warming crisis, thanks largely to American obstructionism which in turn is partially a result of Obama’s political gameplaying. I could go on, but the point is made.

In Africa, the President was treated like a rock star and did wonders for the local trinket industry. As for anything really substantial though, no.

Obama returned to plummeting approval ratings and a deficit that surpassed one trillion dollars for the first time in history.

Triumphant overseas trip my foot.

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