Tahrir Square-cradle of freedom, no, cradle of theocracy, yes, Re: Thousands demontrate for an Islamic state in Egypt, Toronto Globe & Mail, July 29, 2011

A crowd estimated at over a hundred thousand people calling for the establishment of an Islamic state and sharia law in Egypt crammed into Tahrir Square in Cairo yesterday. The demonstration was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic group that wants Islam and sharia to reign supreme in Egypt and is working very hard to make this come about. Former President Mubarak kept them away from the levers of power but now that he is out of the way they are becoming stronger and stronger and are well on the way to achieving their goal. Knowledgeable observers think that achieving it is a foregone conclusion and that it became a foregone conclusion the minute Mubarak was driven from office.

Knowledgeable observers don’t of course include United States President Obama and his acolytes, who were too stupid and dogmatic to keep it from happening.

As a result, when, not if, when, Islam and sharia reign supreme the position of Egyptian secularists, democrats and religious minorities will become completely untenable, all hopes for freedom and democracy will disappear, Egypt will remove itself from the Western camp and align itself firmly with the Islamic one, the chances of war with Israel and the West will increase exponentially, the Egyptian economy will be destroyed and the Egyptian people will find themselves living back in the seventh century when Islam came into existence instead of the twenty-first. Much of this is already occurring and it is only going to get worse as Islam fully establishes its dominance in the country.

The Egyptian revolution launched in Tahrir Square earlier this year was ballyhooed as leading to freedom for the Egyptian people. It is leading to exactly the opposite-an Islamic theocracy in which freedom does not and cannot exist. Tahrir Square was not the cradle of Egyptian freedom, it was the cradle of Egyptian theocracy. That was totally predictable. Mubarak’s removal from office was catastrophic for everyone in Egypt who is not Islamic (secularists, democrats and religious minorities included) and that is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. It is also catastrophic for the rest of the Middle East and the West and that is becoming more and more obvious as well.

Arab spring? It never existed and never will in Egypt or anywhere else in the Islamic world until the people break out of Islam’s shackles, until they cast out Islam and remove its yoke.

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