The best defence is a good offence, Re: IAF deploys third Iron Dome battery outside Ashdod, Jerusalem Post, August 31, 2011

The Israeli Air Force is speeding up deployment of the Iron Dome rocket defence system outside the southern city of Ashdod as a result of rockets fired from Gaza which have bombarded it in recent weeks. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak called the move “a demonstration of Israel’s commitment to defend its citizens.”

This is a purely defensive move which is being enacted to prevent Israelis from being maimed and killed by Islamic terrorists who want nothing more than to murder as many Jews as they can and to wipe Israel off the map…to destroy the country and take over the land for themselves. In the short term Iron Dome will save some lives and prevent some property damage and destruction but in the long term it will do nothing to enhance Israel’s security and stop attacks on its people. All it will do is stop some rockets from getting through. It will not stop ongoing attacks because Palestinians are unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and to Jews inhabiting land that they mistakenly consider theirs (to Jews period actually) and they will do everything they can to obliterate the country and drive Israelis into the sea, as history, reality and Islam clearly tell us.

If the Israeli government truly wanted to defend its people from attacks from Gaza it would re-occupy the strip. Nothing else will suffice. Israel will always suffer grievous attacks from Gaza unless Israeli soldiers are on the ground there to prevent them. Look at the number and scale of attacks from Gaza since Israel left the strip as opposed to when she still controlled it. They increased exponentially as soon as Israel left, which is the only reason Israelis need to re-occupy the place. Palestinians won’t stop attacking unless Israelis force them to. Iron Dome won’t do it. Israeli boots on the ground in Gaza will. Of course the “international community” will scream in its usual hypocritical way but Israel really has no choice and its the Palestinian’s fault anyway for bringing the misery upon themselves. Because of its neighbours and their religion and inbred hatred security has to trump everything in Israel, including international opprobium. That’s why Israelis have to re-occupy Gaza. Israel has no security unless it does.

Is the best defence a good offence? You bet it is. Do the Palestinians and their brethren understand or respect anything other than force? No, they don’t.

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