Grateful is as grateful does, Re: ‘Thank you, America!’, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, September 1, 2011

Nicholas Kristof writing in the International Herald Tribune/New York Times claims that the people of Libya are enormously grateful to Americans for helping them overthrow the Qaddafi regime and that feelings of warmth and love for America are ubiquitous in the country as a result. Some ordinary Libyans may feel like that in the first flush of the Qaddafi regimes demise but these feelings will change as Islamists take full control of the government and turn Libya into a fully functioning Islamic state subject to Sharia law, which is already happening. Pleas for assistance and intercession when Islamists inevitably take full control will fall on deaf ears and America and Americans will be vilified for abandoning the Libyan people in their real hour of need, for allowing that hour of need to come in the first place. American flags will soon burn yet again on the streets of Libya.

While some Libyans may feel grateful to America at this point the rebel government certainly doesn’t. It is common knowledge that the rebel government has long been infiltrated by al-Qaeda and other Islamists and their feelings and attitude towards America are well known and beyond dispute. The rebel government recently refused to extradite Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Libyan terrorist who was convicted in the 1988 bombing of a Pan-American Airlines jet bound for the United States from London which killed 270 people (mostly American) when it exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. The rebel government also just released hundreds of Islamists from prison, up to six hundred by some accounts, who bear the usual visceral hatred of of the U.S. and have active Jihadist backgrounds.

We can expect more of this, much more. Libya is known as a long-time hotbed of anti-Americanism and a center of Jihad against America. Qaddafi kept Islamists more or less under control but with him out of the way there is nothing to prevent the new government from unleashing the full force of its hatred against the United States, which it most assuredly will. The Libyan people and the American people will soon come to rue the day when America pushed Qaddafi out, in the same way the Egyptian people will rue the day President Mubarak was pushed out by his American “friends”. Those who aren’t Islamists themselves that is.

Thank you America? The only people who should thank America are al-Qaeda and other Islamists. The United States is acting against its own best interests throughout the Middle East and the intervention in Libya is but one example.

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