Its not Racism, its Self-Defense, Re: Racism on the Rise in Europe, Al Jazeera English Website, September 4, 2011

Racism isn’t on the rise in Europe. Self-defense is and that’s a very good thing because unless European countries defend themselves vigorously against Islam and Islamists they cannot possibly survive as free, democratic, secular, pluralistic nations and will be turned into Islamic states governed by Islamic law, Sharia. That includes every single European country there is. No country is immune. Throughout the continent Islam and Islamists are attempting to eliminate individual countries culture and institutions and have Islam rule in all things.

Europeans are reacting because they are beginning to comprehend the seriousness of the threat that Islam and Islamists pose to their way of life and to their very existence as free people, because every day they are confronted and affronted by acts of civil disobedience, beligerence and terror as Islamists try to impose their will and religion on everyone. That isn’t racism. Its self-defense rising out of human nature and the survival instinct. Like anyone else, Europeans would defend themselves against anyone or anything that attempts to conquer and destroy them, as Islam and Islamists are doing. More power to them for recognizing and understanding the threat and for fighting back. There is a backlash in Europe, it is perfectly understandable and justifiable and the fault lies completely with Islam and Islamists. Racism has nothing to do with it. Self preservation does, nothing else.

Of course, the United States and Canada are under attack too and Islam and Islamists have the same goals there as they do in Europe. A backlash is beginning to occur in North America as well and racism has nothing to do with that either. If Americans and Canadians want their democracies to survive and want to prevent a great deal of bloodshed on their soil they have to fight and overcome Islam and Islamists, that’s all.

Racism? Islam and Islamists are racist to the core. Go ahead, prove me wrong.

You can’t.

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