An American Tragedy, Re: Security high for 9/11 milestone, The Independent, September 5, 2011

If I was an official in the United States Department of Homeland Security or somebody else responsible for security in the U.S. during the upcoming 9/11 weeked I’d keep an especially close watch on the college football game between Michigan and Notre Dame on Saturday the 10th. Its a very inviting target. Nothing is more American than Michigan/Notre Dame, well over 100,000 thousand people will be in attendance at Michigan Stadium and the game will be televised nationally. With security being very tight at 9/11 commemorations all over the country striking at an event like this and killing as many people as possible is a logical alternative if you’re an Islamic terrorist, homegrown or otherwise. Michigan/Notre Dame is one of the embodiments of American culture, the game is taking place in the heartland of the country and millions of people will be watching it on television in addition to those watching it in the stadium. Short of somehow blowing up the official memorial service at Ground Zero it would be hard for Islamic terrorists to find an event that would give them more bang for the buck so to speak.

Its tragic that Americans have to speculate and think like this, have to be held hostage like this, have to suffer from Islamic terrorism the way we do. That’s reality though and it will remain reality until we get serious about overcoming the Islamic terrorists in our midst who would destroy our country and way of life and murder and maim many of us while they’re doing it. We’re a very long way from getting serious at the moment and that will only lead to more heartbreak and bloodshed and the erosion and elimination of our freedom, democracy, values and institutions.

Are you listening President Obama?

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