Much harder line required, Re: Clinton to Iran: Time running out for engagement, Washington Times, July 15, 2009

The U.S. approach to dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat is nonsensical and doomed to failure.

Threatening to subject Iran to further sanctions in an attempt to bring it to the negotiating table does nothing but give the regime more time to develop nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The United Nations Security Council has already imposed three sets of sanctions on Iran in order to convince the government to abandon it’s nuclear weapons program. All have failed dismally and it is patently obvious that new ones will too.

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton need to understand that their goal shouldn’t be diplomatic engagement in any case. After all, even if Iran does deign to come to the table no one can seriously believe it will negotiate it’s nuclear program away. What then would be the point?  The  goal  should clearly be keeping Iran from possessing nuclear weapons and just as clearly giving it more and more time, empty rhetoric, useless negotiations and threatening or implementing additional sanctions won’t work. America must change tactics and take a much harder line, now, because if it doesn’t  it will soon be too late.

Israel would be entirely justified in taking matters into it’s own hands if the United States fails to eliminate the threat. If that happens, every single death would be on the shoulders of the lunatics in Teheran and the appeasers and weaklings in Washington, not on the Israelis.

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