No kidding, Re: Israeli general: Likelihood of regional war growing, WorldNetDaily, September 6, 2011

The Commander of Israel’s Home Front warned yesterday that a regional war between Israel and her neighbors may be imminent and that the likelihood of such a war is growing daily.

No kidding. Iran is moving full steam ahead to acquire nuclear weapons and is very close to possessing them, Egypt and Turkey are becoming more Islamized as we speak and both countries will soon be under the control of Islamic governments sworn to Israel’s destruction, Hezbollah and Hamas are growing stronger militarily daily, Syria is imploding and will soon fall under the control of Iran, rocket and human attacks on Israel from Gaza continue to be the norm, Jordan is full of Islamists who want to destroy Israel, the Palestinian Authority is moving ahead with its ill-advised plan to seek statehood through the United Nations and the United States under President Obama is unwilling and unable to prevent any of this from happening, thereby encouraging Israel’s enemies, making Israel far more vulnerable than she otherwise would be and making war in the Middle East a virtual certainty. And on and on. Israel’s enemies are armed to the teeth and confident and aggressive and will have a nuclear power among them shortly. If that’s not a recipe for war nothing is.

War will come in one of two ways. Israel will either be attacked in force by one or more of her antagonists and will respond in kind or Israel will launch preemptive attacks against those who threaten her very existence and want nothing more than to wipe her off the map and remove the Jewish state from the face of the earth, against those who take every opportunity to do precisely that and maim and murder Israelis while they’re doing it. Israel will either be attacked first or will attack first in order to try and save herself.

Either way, war is a foregone conclusion and you can thank Islam itself and the Islamic world in general for that. Its an old story. There could be real peace in the Middle East in short order if the Islamic world would recognize and accept Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist and allow Israelis to live in peace and security. The Islamic world doesn’t want that and has never wanted that…it doesn’t want peace with Israel it wants Israel gone, period. Its opted for war and war is exactly what its going to get.

And when it does come anyone who thinks it will be limited or contained to the Middle East is dead wrong.

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