Harper’s absolutely right-Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat to Canada’s security, Re: Canadian PM: Islamic terrorism is greatest threat to Canada’s security, United Press International, September 6, 2011

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported yesterday that Prime Minister Stephen Harper sees Islamic terrorism as the single greatest threat there is to Canada’s security. Harper made the statement in an interview with the CBC which will air on Thursday September 8th. The Prime Minister also said “There are other threats out there, but that is the one that I can tell you occupies the security apparatus most regularly in terms of actual terrorist threats” and “the truth is that the threat exists all over the world”.

Harper is absolutely right. Islamic terrorists, both homegrown and foreign born, constantly threaten Canadian infrastructure, Canadian values and institutions (including the State itself) and Canadians as individuals. Islamists attempts to undermine the Canadian way of life and impose Islam on the country are nothing new at all and Canadians have had to live with the possibility of being bombed and blown up for many years. Islam is at war with the West and Islamic terrorists are its soldiers. Canada is every bit as vulnerable as any other Western nation, perhaps even more so given her large Islamic population, her friendship with the United States, her geographic location, her engagement in Afghanistan and her principled stand on Israel before the United Nations, among other things. There are other threats to Canadian security to be sure just as there are to the security of all other Western nations, but they pale in comparison to Islamic terrorism, which really has one goal and one goal only in Canada…to turn it into an Islamic country.

The Prime Minister should of course be congratulated for making the statements he did, for having the political courage to make them knowing that he will viciously attacked and criticized by Islam’s adherents and apologists and the other usual suspects for daring to speak the truth…the statements may even place him and his family in physical danger, which is something he had to be aware of. He should also be congratulated for being astute enough to recognize and understand the threat that Islamic terrorism poses to Canada in the first place and for realizing that it exists throughout the world and isn’t just against Canada in the second.

Well done Mr. Harper. Too bad your fellow leader in Washington doesn’t have the courage and perception you do. The United States, Canada and the rest of the free world would be an awful lot safer and more secure if he did.

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