Einstein Confirms Obama’s Insanity, Re: Obama’s Bid to Spur Growth, Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2011

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Obama is insane by this definition because his latest attempt to improve the American economy is more of his same economic idiocy that has brought America’s economy to its knees in the first place. The 447 billion dollar package of tax cuts and spending initiatives he presented to Congress last night is just a repetition of failed efforts on his part and has no chance of success because it is based on his flawed ideology that big government can manage and solve economic problems. That is one of Obama’s core beliefs and he is not going to change it despite all evidence to the contrary. Economically it just isn’t so but he is simply incapable of accepting this, which is why his proposals and “solutions” are all cut from the same cloth and always will be.

America’s public debt is over 10 trillion dollars for the first time in its history, the financial hole America has dug for itself under Obama is enormous and growing exponentially and negatively impacts every aspect of American life and ordinary Americans are suffering tremendously as a result. Obama’s economic policies are demonstrably wrongheaded, bankrupt and ideologically motivated and America and Americans are paying a terrible price for his economic illiteracy and leftist, big government mentality. The 447 billion dollar package will fail, just like all his previous efforts have failed. In essence, its really the same as all the others and has no more possibility of success than I have of flying to the moon. Its the stimulus all over yet again and every American knows where that got them. Its also full of smoke and mirrors, like everything else he presents to the American people. His proposed payroll tax cut to cite but one example isn’t really a tax cut at all because it will be paid for by tax increases down the road.

Obama’s repetition of failed economic policies is insanity personified. Americans of all political persuasions should reject this latest package and see it for exactly what it is.

Delusional and hopeless. Smoke and mirrors. Insane.

And no, America’s economic problems cannot be blamed on former President Bush and the Republicans as Obama is constantly trying to do. Obama inherited a dificult situation to be sure but things have become infinitely worse on his watch and he has no one to blame but himself for that.

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