Real Reckoning Hasn’t Come Yet, Re: The Reckoning, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, September 10, 2011

Coverage of 9/11 by the mainstream media throughout the Western world has been disappointing and incomplete to date because there has been no real mention of the root cause of the attacks, no honest, objective, in-depth look at Islam itself.

Islam and its palpable disgust and hatred for all things Western and its clear, unequivocal imperative to force all non-believers to submit to its dictates is what’s really behind 9/11. That’s Islam period, not radical Islam or whatever other misnomer its adherents and apologists may use to whitewash or cover up its history and essential character, its past and present activities and true nature.

Islam’s ideology of hate, supremacy, conquest and submission (among other things) is the real origin of 9/11 and all the other atrocities and wars that are carried out in the name of Islam around the world. More events like 9/11 are inevitable and non-Islamic people, especially Christians and Jews, will never have any peace and security unless Islam is rejected and overcome and cast into the dustbin of history where it belongs. Its a remnant of the seventh century that should have no place in the twenty-first.

The mainstream media hasn’t done Westerners any favours by ignoring these basic facts. In actuality its done them a terrible disservice. Ignorance isn’t bliss after all. In this case its deadly.

Is Islam at war with the West? It most certainly is and the sooner we recognize and understand this and take serious measures to combat and defeat it the more likely we are to prevent terrorist attacks and keep Islam from taking over our lives and turning Western countries into Islamic states…the more likely we are to survive.

Westerners are a long way from doing any of that, that’s for sure.

There’s a reckoning coming alright but who its for remains to be seen. If its not going to be for us we have to fight back and fight back hard.

Starting now, while we still can.

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