Israel Should Give Up on the Palestinians and Annex Gaza and the West Bank, Re: Palestinian Ambassador reiterates call for a Jew-free Palestinian state, The Daily Caller, September 13, 2011

The Palestinian “Ambassador” to the United States said yesterday that a new Palestinian state should be free of Jews. He has made similar statements in the past and there is no doubt whatsoever that his views are shared by the whole of the Palestinian leadership and population and that a Palestinian state would be an apartheid state from the very beginning, just as Palestinian society is an apartheid society now. No doubt whatsoever. Hatred and disgust toward Jews and Israel is endemic and inbred among Palestinians and they have done everything they could to destroy Israel since the Jewish state first came into existence, since the notion of Israel was first broached. They will continue to do so whether they get a state of their own or not. That is a simple fact of life in the Middle East and that is why Israel should annex Gaza and the West Bank.

Making true, lasting peace with the Palestinians is not possible and annexation would prevent terrorist attacks on Israel and save Israeli lives and property. Israel has paid a terrible price in blood and treasure for withdrawing from Gaza and the West Bank and will keep on doing so as long as Palestinians are in control there. Israel has to take control back to save Israeli lives and property because the Palestinians are not going to change their ways and leaving Palestinians in power in Gaza and the West Bank gives them carte blanche to keep on sowing death and destruction, which they most assuredly will.

Palestinians won’t stop trying to murder and maim Israelis and wipe Israel off the map. Israel has to stop them and annexation is the only way to get that done. If anyone thinks differently they’re denying history and reality and dreaming in technicolor as the saying goes. Israel has to annex Gaza and the West Bank to stop the carnage because Palestinians won’t stop it themselves. They can’t because they are consumed with hatred and disgust for Jews and Israel and because their religion, Islam, won’t permit it.

Israel really has no choice because the Palestinians won’t give them one. Ever. Palestinians should be condemned for their behaviour and attitudes because condemnation is exactly what they deserve. They certainly don’t deserve their own state. The last thing the world needs is another hateful, racist, apartheid, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, Islamic country, especially one that is totally unable to sustain and support itself.

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