Free speech verdict victory for America, Re: Huge Infidel Victory: UC Muslim Students Found Guilty On All Counts Of Disrupting Public Meeting And Shutting Down Free Speech, Atlas Shrugs, September 23, 2011

A jury in California struck a major blow for free speech and freedom of expression in the United States last week when it convicted members of the Muslim Student Union at the University of California at Irvine of disrupting a public meeting and conspiracy in relation to a speech given by the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. on campus last year. The Muslim Student Union members deliberately disrupted the speech and tried to prevent the Ambassador from speaking and conspired to do exactly that. Their intent was to rob the speaker of his right to freedom of speech and rob the audience of their right to listen to what he had to say. Their actions clearly violated American law and custom, which the jury affirmed by convicting them. In effect the jury ruled that neither the Muslim Student Union or anyone else has the right to keep someone from speaking on a particular subject or to keep others from listening, no matter how much they disagree with whatever is being said or how much they revile the speaker and his or her background or country of origin. Peaceful protest is one thing and absolutely acceptable-preventing someone from speaking and others from listening is not, regardless of the reason.

Free speech is one of the cornerstones of freedom and democracy in the United States, of the American way of life. Without it there is no freedom or democracy in the U.S. and the American way of life simply wouldn’t exist any more. The verdict in California was much more than a victory for free speech and freedom of expression, it was a victory for the American ideal and America itself. Muslim Student Union members are trying to take away American’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression on university and college campuses all over the country, to eliminate free speech and freedom of expression as part of their desire and well-documented campaign to turn the United States into an Islamic nation governed by Islamic law, Sharia. There is no free speech or freedom of expression under Sharia. There is in America though and the jury simply affirmed that.

Congratulations to the jury for convicting the defendants and to the District Attorney for deciding to prosecute them in the face of heavy and sustained pressure by Islamic supremacists not to do so. The country needs more people like them in its ongoing battle against the Islamization of the land, in its ongoing battle to keep Islamists and Islam from taking over. There are many battles yet to come and if America is to survive people like them will be in the forefront.

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