Memo to Palestinians-he who pays the piper calls the tune, Re: Showing some spine, Congress blocks $200 million in aid to Palestinians, American Thinker, October 2, 2011

The United States Congress has blocked 200 million dollars in aid to Palestinians as a result of their ignoring the express wishes of the U.S. by pursuing statehood at the United Nations and refusing to enter into peace negotiations with Israel that have no preconditions. America donates 600 million dollars in aid to the Palestinians every year and it is possible even more will be withheld if Palestinians continue to flout the United States.

This is all right and proper. Anyone who takes money can expect to have demands made upon them and anyone who doesn’t meet those demands can expect to be cut off. That’s the way of the world and that’s exactly what the Americans are doing…cutting off the Palestinians for failing to meet their demands. Why shouldn’t they? What is the point in giving hundreds of millions of dollars in aid every year and getting nothing in return? There isn’t any. Besides, it isn’t as if the money is being spent on good works or for the benefit of the people. The Palestinian Authority has a long and well-documented history of corruption and financial mismanagement and it is very safe to say that the vast majority of the money either lines officials pockets or is spent on exceedingly dubious, questionable enterprises.

Palestinians are the largest per-capita recipients of aid in the history of the world and have been for over 60 years. No one else even comes close, or ever has. What has all that aid accomplished? Nothing really. It certainly hasn’t brought peace or a Palestinian state any closer. Its done exactly the opposite. It has also turned Palestinians into long term welfare recipients with long term welfare recipients mentalities who cannot support or sustain themselves and who must depend on the largesse of others for the most basic amenities, for their very survival. Maybe the Americans are onto something here. Perhaps if all or part of that welfare were withdrawn or came with strings attached the Palestinians would grow up, change their attitudes and behaviour and become independent and peace would come to the Middle East. Money talks after all.

Who knows, perhaps the United States has set a precedent and other donors will follow suit instead of continuing to spend huge amounts of money for no real return. He who pays the piper really does call the tune and Palestinians need to understand that. Once they do they can learn how to pay the piper themselves and take command of their own destiny.

In the meantime, Palestinians have condemned the move by the United States and threatened all kinds of reprisals. Funny how they don’t mind taking American money even though they demonstrably hate America and everything it stands for.

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