Barbarians in Britain, Re: 200 suicide bombers ‘planning attacks in Britain’, The Telegraph, October 9, 2011

It is conservatively estimated that there at least 200 Islamic terrorists currently living in Britain who are planning to execute suicide bombing attacks there, most likely during next years Olympics but quite possibly at other times as well, this according to senior intelligence officers from MI5 and MI6 (Britain’s security agencies) who recently briefed Government ministers on the threat.

Britain has been victimized by Islamic terrorist attacks in the past and it is a foregone conclusion that she will be in the future as well. It is home to a large and growing Islamic community that wants to impose Islamic law (Sharia) on the country and turn Britain into an Islamic state, a community which has no respect or tolerance for British law, values, institutions and heritage, which harbours and encourages terrorists and terrorism and which sees terrorist attacks as means to the aforementioned ends and as a perfectly valid expression of Islamic supremacism. Britain has become Islamized and is becoming more and more Islamized every day and British blood has been and will continue to be spilled as a result. This is no surprise at all because Islam brings bloodshed and barbarity wherever it takes root and it has most certainly taken root in Britain.

In a related development last week an Islamic organization in Britain called Muslims Against Crusades posted a hate message on its website entitled “Is the Assassination of President Obama Legal?” The organization asked “Are his actions to be taken as an example of other U.S. Citizens to imitate?…we would like to introduce a new question into the psyche of the west…’Is the assassination of President Obama now legal?’…If the President of America were to be caught off guard in Washington or St. Louis, would his death be justified given his new criteria in light of his horrific track record against Islam and Muslims and his own confessions?”

According to Islamic law the answer is yes, it would be. What comes next? Doesn’t take much imagination, does it?  

Muslims Against Crusades is a London based national Islamic organization which earlier this year proposed that independent emirates operating under Islamic law be set up in several cities in Britain and which has tried to enforce Islamic law in areas where Muslims predominate. It has no respect or tolerance for British law, values, institutions or heritage and has shown its disrespect and contempt on countless occasions. It makes no secret of its desire to turn Britain into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law by any means necessary and there are many other Islamic organizations in Britain just like it…organizations that not only hate and revile Britain but hate and revile the United States, Israel and the rest of the West as well.

Barbarians at the gate? In Britain the barbarians have already breached the gate and are well on the way to taking over the country. The British people better wake up soon and get rid of them because if they don’t there won’t be a Britain left. Not a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic one anyway.

The same applies of course to the rest of Europe, the United States, Israel, Canada and the West in general too. Make no mistake, Islam and Islamists mean to conquer and subdue everyone in the West and will do precisely that unless they are stopped.

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