Capitulating to savages never a good idea, Re: The Gilad Shalit Prisoner Swap, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, October 25, 2011

The exchange of 1,027 Palestinian savages for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit will prove to be disastrous for Israel and the United States. It will lead to additional attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians and extort Israel’s government. Why not? Kidnapping and extortion succeeded once so it will be attempted again and again until it doesn’t work anymore.

Instead of making Israeli’s lives safer the exchange makes more kidnappings and extortion inevitable. Palestinians and their Islamic brethren view it as capitulation and weakness on the part of Israel, which is exactly what it was. It will do nothing but embolden them and lead to more violence and terrorism, which in turn will almost assuredly lead to another intifada and war, a war which the United States cannot help but be dragged into. Capitulation and weakness never solved anything in the Middle East and have always led to destruction, bloodshed and death. This exchange won’t be any different.

Palestinians and their Islamic brethren respect one thing and one thing only and that is the strength of the sword. Weakness and capitulation are taken advantage of, every single time. Israel sent the wrong message when it agreed to the exchange and there will be real, definite consequences on the ground. The strength of the sword is the only thing that will deter Palestinians and their Islamic brethren from further savagery against Israel and the minute Israelis forget that is the minute they sign their death warrant. The Government of Israel was wrong, dead wrong, when it agreed to the exchange. Prime Minister Netanyahu was playing to the wrong audience when he authorized it and the message that was sent won’t be lost on anyone in the Palestinian/Islamic world.

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