OWS…municipal politicians complicit in deaths, rapes, crime and chaos, Re; Woman found dead at Occupy Vancouver, Toronto Globe & Mail, November 6, 2011

In Vancouver, a woman was found dead of a drug overdose in a tent at Occupy Vancouver.

In New York, Occupy Wall Street has had to set up a woman’s only tent and all woman security detail to prevent rapes and sexual harassment at the OWS tent camp there.

On and on examples abound. There isn’t an OWS tent camp anywhere that isn’t plagued by violence and crime, nor is there an OWS tent camp anywhere that isn’t a health, sanitation and fire hazard, not only to its occupants but also to surrounding people and buildings as well. It is very safe to say that OWS tent camps have descended into chaos and crime everywhere and that they have become nothing but filthy, hazardous eyesores and public nuisances and  crime-ridden blights wherever they are.

The occupants of the camps are responsible for this state of affairs of course. No one forced the woman in Vancouver to take drugs for example…she took them of her own free will and in that sense is responsible for her own death and by the same token no one is forcing the perverts in New York to rape and sexually harass people.

Nevertheless, municipal politicians in Vancouver, New York and everywhere else where there are tent camps are complicit in the chaos and crime because they allowed the tent camps to be set up where they were in the first place and because they failed to take them down once problems became apparent, which was very soon after they went up. They have failed to enforce municipal, state, provincial and federal law and as such have given OWS tent camp occupants blanket permission to do whatever they want, including violate municipal by-laws and commit all kinds of crimes. The Mayor of Vancouver didn’t kill the woman who died there but he is certainly complicit in her death because he could have prevented it, or at least prevented it from happening how and where it did. The Mayor of New York hasn’t raped or sexually harassed anyone but he is certainly complicit in these crimes for the same reason-he could have prevented them from happening.

Municipal politicians everywhere should have OWS tent camps removed from their municipalities immediately. Until they do they are complicit in the crime, violence, filth and chaos which is endemic to all of them and any deaths or rapes which occur, or any other crimes or violations for that matter, fall partially on their shoulders. It is up to them to enforce the law and if they don’t they are complicit when it is broken.

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