He’s running against more than history, if he runs at all that is, Re: A year left: Obama running against history, Washington Times, November 7, 2011

With just under one year to go before the United States presidential election in November 2012 President Obama will have to defy history if he is to win a second term and be returned to office. Only one President whose job approval rating was below fifty per cent one year before the next election has been re-elected since World War 11. Richard Nixon won the 1972 election even though his job approval rating in November 1971 was forty nine per cent.

One year before next November’s election Obama’s job approval rating is forty three per cent and plummeting, with very good reason. From the instant he took office he has been an unmitigated disaster. There isn’t one single area in which America or the American people are better off than they were since he was elected. In every conceivable area America and the American people people are worse off, considerably worse off, since he became President. From the economy to domestic affairs to foreign affairs to everything in between his Presidency has been catastrophic and he has jeopardized the future of the country and its people. With less than a year before the election next November American’s see him as a weak, unqualified, unpatriotic, divisive, lazy, lying buffoon who is wholly unfit to serve. They realize they made a mistake in electing him in the first place and won’t make the same mistake again.

It isn’t just history Obama is running against. He’s running against his record in office too. That record is something he simply won’t be able to gloss over or overcome, despite his undoubted skills on the campaign trail. The record is reality and cannot be denied. Despite his blaming everyone and everything else for America’s troubles and despite his trying to bully and frighten the electorate into submission and demonize and vilify his opponents the American people know better and will hold him to account. His record is his and his alone and it will defeat him, as it should.

If he runs again at all that is. It would be entirely in character for him to choose not to if he determines that he will not win. He is, in the end, a quitter, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility at all. It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that his party, the Democrats, will toss him overboard and choose someone else as their candidate because they know that they won’t win with him at the helm. There are already rumblings about that within the party and they are becoming louder and more pronounced every day. A year is an eternity in politics but history and his record tell us that one way or the other America (and the rest of the free world as well for that matter) won’t be afflicted with Obama after the next election. Every day he does something else to shoot America and American’s in the foot and his days of doing so are about to come to an end.

Let’s hope that this is correct.  American’s, America and the rest of the free world simply can’t stand another four years with him as President.


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