Freedom, democracy, secularism and the American way of life are dead if it isn’t, Re: The Case for Banning Shariah Law in America, American Thinker, November 13, 2011

The case for banning Shariah law in the United States is really very simple and straightforward. If it is not banned every single freedom that Americans hold dear will be lost, every single one. The U.S. will no longer be a free country and Americans will no longer be a free people unless it is banned. Freedom, democracy, secularism and the American way of life…that’s the case for banning it.

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What does that mean in practice? It means that freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of enquiry, the right to to think and act and live according to one’s conscience and all of the other freedoms Americans cherish will disappear if it is not banned and they will all be forced to live according to the dictates of Shariah law whether they want to or not. Make no mistake, there is no freedom in Shariah law, none whatsoever. There is only forced conformity in every area of life, nothing else, conformity that is enforced by extremely harsh, cruel penalties. Shariah law and freedom are more than simply incompatible. They are two totally different things and it is utterly impossible to live as a free person under it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Shariah law doesn’t permit any of that.

Under Shariah law I would be mutilated at best and killed at worst (in a most horrific manner I might add) for writing this. Under Shariah law you would be mutilated at best and killed at worst (in a most horrific manner I might add) for questioning or criticizing any aspect of Islam or refusing to participate in or carry out any of its rituals or requirements. Under Shariah, you would have to think and act according to the law in everything you do or suffer terrible consequences, up to and including death.

Freedom or Shariah law? That’s the choice. Americans can either ban Shariah law or lose all of their freedoms and live under it. Its very clear to anyone who wants to look.

Which of course they wouldn’t be able to do under Shariah.

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