Reality of Islam impossible to dispute, Re: Reality of Islam hard to dispute, Toronto Sun, November 20, 2011

The Toronto Sun is wrong. The reality of Islam is not hard to dispute at all. It is in fact impossible to dispute. Islam tells us what it is all about in clear, unequivocal terms and has since it first came into existence 1,400 odd years ago. It also shows us what it is all about by the acts perpetrated in its name every single day all over the world and which have been an intrinsic part of its manifestation from the very beginning.

The reality of Islam is conquest and submission. Its purpose is to conquer non-believers and force them to submit to its dictates, to live under its precepts and teachings and according to Islamic law. There is no room for any other way of thinking or any other way of life. That is what Islam tells us. Conquest and submission of non-believers is its purpose and that is impossible to dispute. Not hard to dispute, impossible to dispute.

So how does Islam manifest itself in the world? Through intolerance, hatred, violence, cruelty, misogyny, war, persecution, torture, death, desecration and destruction of anyone and anything that stands in its way, that’s how. All of those things are the reality of Islam and have been a fundamental part of it from the very beginning as well. That too is impossible to dispute. Not hard to dispute, impossible to dispute.

That’s the way it is and that’s the way its always been and anyone who says anything different is either blind as a bat, ignorant or has some ulterior motive, conquest and submission of non-believers for example.

While the nature and essence and reality of Islam is impossible to dispute, it may soon become impossible to say so, or to question or criticize it in any way, shape or form either. The Islamization of Western countries is well and truly underway and freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism and all the other hallmarks of Western civilization are under attack by Islam and in danger of disappearing everywhere we look. They have already disappeared in many places in the West, including many places in the United States and Britain, freedom’s great bastions. The horror stories are all around us and unless we reject Islam and its manifestations and fight back against the Islamic scourge we will fall prey to it and a new dark age will descend upon the world.

That’s also the reality of Islam and impossible to dispute. Or ignore.

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