Israel’s real message, Re: Israel: Iran less than a year from being “unstoppable” in pursuit of nuclear weapons, Jihad Watch, November 20, 2011

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak just said that within a year Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons will be unstoppable and that Iran will possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them shortly thereafter.

What Barak was really saying was that within the next year, sooner rather than later, Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in an effort to dismantle, disable or destroy them.

Israel simply cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power because there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Iran will attack her with nuclear weapons at the earliest possible opportunity. Although the consequences of a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran would be horrific they are nowhere near as horrific as the consequences of an Iranian strike on Israel. Those consequences include the destruction of Israel itself and the death of millions upon millions of Israelis. If an Israeli attack on Iran is the only way to keep that from happening, and it is thanks to President Obama’s fecklessness and the Iranians all consuming Islam based mindless desire to rid the Middle East of Jews and Israel, so be it. Kill or be killed is an old story in the Middle East, perhaps the oldest story of all. Either Iran will kill Israel with nuclear weapons or Israel will kill Iran’s nuclear weapons program before it gets a chance to.

Bet on Israel. And be thankful to her as well. Nuclear armageddon is something no sane person wants and nuclear armageddon is exactly what the world would get if Iran possessed nuclear weapons.

President Obama, the Iranians and Islam. What a deadly combination that is.

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