Americans need to veto President Obama, Re: Obama: Will Veto Any Bill That Removes Automatic 1.2 Trillion In Spending Cuts, Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2011

Americans face an automatic 1.2 trillion dollars in spending cuts by the Federal Government as a result of a bi-partisan congressional committee’s failure to agree on a deficit reduction scheme. The automatic spending cuts include hundreds of billions of dollars which will be taken from the Defense Department and are in addition to half a trillion dollars the Defense Department has already lost to deficit reduction.

These cuts go much further than diminishing America’s military might and compromising her national security at home and around the world. They make it impossible for the United States to protect itself against attack by a foreign power or powers and virtually guarantee that a foreign power or powers will attack the U.S. in the foreseeable future.

At a time when America’s antagonists are increasing their military capabilities at breakneck speed and rapidly achieving military parity or going beyond it taking money away from the Defense Department is sheer lunacy…its a death wish that will lead to destruction and death in the homeland and perhaps even the demise of the country itself. Defense Department cuts open the door for China, Iran, Russia, North Korea or any number of others to attack the United States and invites them to do exactly that. Obama’s Defense Department cuts mean war in America and probably nuclear war at that…it will happen as sure as you’re reading this and as sure as I’m writing it.

Make no mistake, a weak America is a dead America and a dominant military and the willingness to use it are absolutely essential to the country’s survival…America cannot and will not survive without both.

Obama’s refusal to defend and protect the Defense Department budget is really a refusal on his part to defend and protect the country itself. Americans need to veto Obama and toss him out of office in the next election but that election is just under a year away and in the meantime they must keep him from eviscerating the military and killing the country and themselves. It has to be done and it can be done.

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