Just a matter of time before British Columbia Supreme Court declared Islamophobic, Re: Multiple marriages declared illegal in landmark case, Vancouver Sun, November 24, 2011

Polygamy is intrinsic to Islam. Polygamous relationships are a basic, fundamental, central part of it.

In a landmark case the Supreme Court of British Columbia has just ruled that polygamy is inherently harmful and that multiple marriages are illegal.

This is a clear criticism and rejection of an Islamic tenet that many Muslims in British Columbia and Canada practice and by extension of Islam itself. Since anyone or anything that criticizes or rejects Islam or anything related to it is labelled Islamophobic virtually instantaneously by Islamists and apologists for Islam we can expect that charge to be levelled against the B.C. Supreme Court and Chief Justice Robert Bauman, the Judge who made the ruling, any time now. British Columbia Attorney-General Shirley Bond welcomed the decision and we can expect her to be labelled Islamophobic as well. Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists there may even be fatwas issued against Bauman and Bond. There will also no doubt be calls in the Islamic community to ignore the ruling altogether and carry on practising polygamy as usual.

So how should British Columbians and Canadians react when, not if, when, any of these things occur? By rejecting the charges vociferously, by rejecting the ongoing Islamization of British Columbian and Canadian society and by upholding and enforcing the law, that’s how.


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