I smell a rat and its name is Obama, Re: An Administration Ready to Blame Israel for Everything…Including Anti-Semitism, Commentary Magazine, December 5, 2011

In the past several days two senior members of President Obama’s administration and the United States Ambassador to Belgium have publicly levelled accusations against Israel which are laughable, absurd, false, ignorant, indefensible and a complete and utter denial of reality, history and Islam.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made it clear that he blames Israel and Israel alone for the problems it faces in the Middle East, particularly the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, and that neither the Palestinians or anyone else except the Israelis bear any responsibility for the turmoil there. According to Panetta, the instability in the region is entirely Israel’s fault and the Arab/Islamic world, including the Palestinians, is blameless and cannot be held responsible for the lack of peace or anything else the region suffers from.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Israel of being undemocratic and compared it directly to Iran. Notwithstanding the facts that Israel is one of the most robust democracies in the world (if not the most robust), that it is much more democratic in many ways than the U.S. itself and that Iran is a theocratic state and the absolute antithesis of democracy or anything resembling it Clinton made it clear that she thought democracy in Israel left a great deal to be desired and that in many ways Israel wasn’t democratic at all.

American Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman said that “Muslim hatred for Jews…stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians” and that “an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim anti-Semitism.”, thus ignoring over 1,400 years of Islam’s intense, entrenched anti-Semitism and hatred and disgust for Jews and the paramount role it plays in the relationships between Israel and the Arab/Islamic world.

The question isn’t why these comments are being made, Obama and his administration’s unbalanced, well-known, well-documented antipathy to Jews, Israelis and Israel is the answer to that, the question is why they are being made now? There can only be one answer and it is obvious and transparent.

Obama is planning to abandon Israel soon and leave it to its fate and he is manipulating the American people into giving him approval, preparing them for the time he deserts the Israelis and leaves them on their own. For ideological, political and religious reasons Obama long ago abandoned America and the American people in his quest to fundamentally change the nature, character and institutions of the United States in his own warped image and he is about to do the same to Israel and Israelis in his quest to change the Middle East and the world.

Never mind Panetta, Clinton and Gutman. Nothing happens in a vacuum in Obama’s administration and they’re really just pawns and useful idiots as far as he is concerned…he’s really the driving force behind this, not them.

I smell a rat and its name is Obama.

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