President Obama is the defining issue, not income disparity, Re: Income disparity ‘defining issue’, National Post, December 7, 2011

President Obama had the unmitigated gall to say in a recent speech that income disparity in the United States is the greatest issue the country faces, that it is the “defining issue of our time”…this from a President whose economic policies and political machinations have wiped out millions of American jobs and ruined millions of American lives, a President whose mishandling of the United State’s economy has arguably been the worst of any of his predecessors, bar none.

Whatever income disparity that existed when Obama came into office has been multiplied many times over thanks to him and will be multiplied again and again should he be re-elected. Obama and his failed ideology of big government, total top down control, massive government expenditures, deficits and debts and pandering to whatever interest groups that can garner him a few votes instead of acting for the greater economic and social good (the Keystone Pipeline fiasco for example) are job killers, industry killers, economy killers and family and people killers. There will be much more of the same if Obama is returned to office because he is completely incapable of changing his way of thinking, which means that there will be greater income disparity if he is elected again, not less. The issue isn’t income disparity in and of itself. There is no such thing as a society in which income disparity didn’t exist, nor has there ever been one. The issue is whether or not the American people will elect a President (Obama) who will most assuredly increase it.

Obama’s mishandling of the American economy and the resultant consequences is obviously an exceedingly important issue and deserves full exposure and discussion during the upcoming election campaign. It is not the defining issue however nor are other exceedingly important issues either like Obamacare, the Islamization of the United States, Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy, the weakening of the U.S. military, America’s increased vulnerability on a wide range of fronts, the erosion of civil liberties and the American ideal, the total disregard for the rule of law, the transparent attempt to change the nature and character of the country and destroy its institutions, America’s diminished role and status in the world, the politics of division, race and class, Obama’s propensity to play fast and loose with the truth and many, many others too numerous to mention. They too deserve full exposure and discussion but they are not defining issues, or the defining issue.

The defining issue is Obama himself. Obama’s attitudes, ideology, character, mentality and ability have been amply and painfully demonstrated in his first term. The American people have had three years to recognize him for what he actually is and his performance in office means that he holds no secrets from them. What you see is what you get, as the saying goes. Do Americans want Obama as President, knowing who and what he is?

That’s what the next election boils down to.

That’s the defining issue of our time.

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