More robust response required, Re: IDF top brass meets over ongoing Gaza rocket fire, Jerusalem Post, December 9, 2011

Palestinian/Islamic terrorists have launched another series of rocket attacks from Gaza at Israeli cities in the past few days in an effort to murder Israeli civilians, damage and destroy Israeli infrastructure and generally weaken Israel. Thirteen rockets have been fired, which is a higher than normal amount for the time period. Rocket attacks on Israeli civilians by terrorists from Gaza are an ongoing occurrence but the recent spate is an increase in the usual number, which makes it different and more alarming than the others.

The Israel Defence Forces have responded with surgical air strikes on sites where the rockets were fired from, killing several known terrorists and wounding a number of others. Unfortunately, two civilians were also killed and women and children were wounded as well, this as a direct result of the terrorists using them as human shields in order to score political points against Israel.

Surgical air strikes are the standard Israeli response against rocket attacks by terrorists. They have never been enough to stop the attacks however and a much more robust response is obviously required.

The Israel Defence Forces most senior decision-makers are meeting to discuss the current round of attacks and formulate a response to them. There are two points which they must bear in mind in their discussions, which must remain front and center as they decide what to do. The first is that surgical air strikes have failed to stop the attacks in the past and have no hope of stopping them in the future because they are by definition limited and reactive and the second is that in the Middle East only the strong survive and the weak always die.

Terrorists will grow stronger and stronger, more and more Israeli civilians will be maimed and murdered, more and more Israeli infrastructure will be damaged and destroyed and the Israeli state will be ever more endangered unless there is a much more robust response to attacks from Gaza than there has been to date. Surgical air strikes are a weak response, not a strong one and Israelis forget that at their peril. Terrorists respect and fear strength above all and only the use of strength will keep them from their murderous deeds, including murdering the country itself. Israelis forget that at their peril too.

Want to stop rocket attacks by terrorists from Gaza? Kindness and compassion won’t do it. Every year thousands of Gazans enter Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals (treatment which is otherwise unavailable to them) and still the rocket attacks continue.

Provision of consumer goods won’t do it. Every month almost 4,500 truckloads of consumer goods, foodstuffs and other materials enter Gaza from Israel and still the rocket attacks continue.

Provision of jobs, economic opportunities, water, electricity and a wide variety of services won’t do it. All of these things are provided by Israel and still the rocket attacks continue.

In fact, in the entire history of war no other nation has been as magnanimous to those who are actively trying to annihilate it than Israel…and still the rocket attacks continue.

A robust military response will stop the rocket attacks though. That’s the only thing the Palestinian/Islamic terrorist thugs understand and respect and that’s the only thing that will keep them from launching rocket attacks.


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