President Obama’s foreign policy places United States in mortal danger, Re: Obama’s imperiled America, Washington Times, December 9, 2011

The most basic, fundamental purpose of any nation’s foreign policy is national survival, keeping the nation alive and functioning in the face of external threats to its existence. National survival is really what foreign policy is all about for any country and that is doubly so for countries like the United States which face large numbers of enemies who would destroy them in a heartbeat if they could. Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and any number of other nations would have no qualms about wiping the U.S. off the map if it was possible, not to mention the legion’s of individual Islamists and Islamist organizations around the world who would do the same, some of whom are state-sponsored and some of whom act on their own.

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Its becoming more and more possible every day because Obama’s totally inept foreign policy has been an utter failure and the United States has become much more vulnerable and open to attack since he took office as a result. In fact, attacks are a foregone conclusion as long as he’s in office, not only against U.S. interests abroad but against the American homeland itself as well.

The U.S. military is becoming much weaker and less capable while others are becoming correspondingly stronger and more capable. Iran may soon possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them against America and American interests, North Korea already has nuclear weapons and is busily developing ballistic missiles that would enable the North Koreans to attack the homeland with them, China is undertaking a vast enlargement and modernization of its conventional and nuclear forces, the Middle East is imploding and anti-American sentiment is growing exponentially there, the Russians have manipulated Obama masterfully since he became President, Islamic organizations dedicated to the destruction of the United States and its way of life have proliferated, America’s standing in the world has been greatly diminished and is becoming more and more diminished as we speak and American’s ability to defend themselves and deter others from attacking them has been severely compromised, to cite a few examples.

Foreign policy is one area that a President of the United States cannot be permitted to fail in, not if the country wants to survive that is. There is absolutely no doubt that Obama has failed miserably in this area in his first term and that he will also fail miserably in his second as well should he be re-elected given his personality, mentality and ideology…he is simply incapable of change and will continue down the same path he is on to the inevitable conclusion. There are only two things the American people can do to get themselves out of this mortal danger.

Stymie him at every turn before the next election and then vote him out of office. Obstruct the bum and then get rid of him before he gets rid of us.

That’s it.

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