Time is of the essence, Re: Standing Up To Iran, National Post, July 21-24, 2009

Nowhere in your recent series on Iran was time mentioned. Time is precisely why military action should be taken very soon to eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons program and rid the Iranian people of their vicious, atavistic government.

Every day that goes by brings Iran closer to being able to use nuclear weapons against Israel, among others. No one knows how close it actually is but the general consensus is that it is really not that far away and may in fact be much closer than we think. Do we want to wake up one morning and be told that Iran has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, despite our thinking otherwise? No, we most emphatically do not.

Every day that goes by Iranians are imprisoned, tortured, murdered and raped thanks to the regime they live under. This will not stop no matter how much we threaten, cajole or denounce the government. Turning off Tehran’s gas, additional sanctions and other measures won’t be implemented for some time yet, if in fact they are implemented at all. Even if they are implemented the chances of the government changing it’s behaviour are virtually nil. How can we call ourselves moral human beings if we continue to allow Iranians to be brutalized in the most horrific ways? We cannot.

Military action is our only recourse and the only means that will bring this madness to an end. We are going to have to take it eventually whether we want to or not because Iran will force us to. The consequences of putting it off become graver every day, for the Middle East, individual Iranians and indeed the entire world.

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