2012 here we come, Re: Fear and hope in 2012, Washington Times, January 1, 2012

2012 is going to be one of the most significant, important years in living memory. Serious threats to the United States and the rest of the free world are many and varied and both will be under attack as never before. The Presidential election in the U.S., continuing turmoil throughout the Middle East, the enormous and growing deficit and debt in America, the financial fiasco in Europe, ongoing Islamization in the United States, Europe and democracies everywhere at the expense of freedom and its principles and institutions, Iran and her single-minded, obsessive pursuit of nuclear weapons and her avowed intention to use them against Israel and the U.S. and the rise of China and a new dictator in North Korea are only some of the things that could easily lead to death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, could easily lead to the effective demise of the free world, could easily lead to the forces of darkness and ignorance becoming ascendant. There are powder kegs everywhere and any of them could explode and cause us great harm or bring us down at any time…there is a great deal to fear but is there any reason to hope that sanity will prevail and that we will survive as free peoples in free, democratic societies, or survive at all for that matter?

Yes there is. Four things have to happen at the absolute minimum however if freedom and democracy are to prevail and Western civilization and the Western way of life are to survive.

First, Americans have to vote President Obama out of office, have to ensure that he isn’t elected to another four year term. It is no exaggeration at all to say that without America there is no free world and it is also no exaggeration at all to say that Obama has done incalculable harm to the United States and the rest of the free world during his first term and could very well kill both if he is granted a second. The man simply has to go because there is no other way to avoid catastrophe for the U.S. and every other Western country.

Second, America and Europe have to get their financial houses in order. Doing so will cause a great deal of sacrifice and suffering but current levels of expenditure are unsustainable and there is no doubt at all that economies and countries will collapse unless politicians get their nations deficits and debts under control. The medicine will be bitter to take and difficult to swallow but it must be done or else the United States and Europe are kaput and so are freedom and democracy.

Third, Americans and Westerners (the British, the French, Germans, Canadians, all other Westerners) need to remove all vestiges of Islamization from their countries and prevent further Islamization from taking place. Islamization has made deep and serious inroads into every country in the West and is fundamentally changing the nature and character of Western countries without exception, including the United States. Unless Islamization is stopped and reversed, Western countries including the U.S. will find themselves living under Islamic Law (Sharia) and freedom, democracy and the Western, Judeo-Christian way of life will be a thing of the past.

Fourth, Iran has to be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons. Iran wants to possess nuclear weapons for one reason and one reason only…to use them against Israel (the Little Satan) first and the United States (the Great Satan) second. Of that there can be no doubt and there can also be no doubt that the consequences of Iran becoming a nuclear power would be catastrophic for the Middle East and the West in general and Israel and the United States in particular. Right now it looks as if military action is the only way to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranians hands and that action will have to take place in 2012 because they are that close to developing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The consequences of preventive military action would be horrific, but not nearly as horrific as Iran becoming a nuclear power.

All of these four elements are essential if freedom and democracy are to prevail and Western civilization and the Western way of life are to survive. All are interrelated and all begin with getting Obama out of the White House…none of them can happen with him in the White House, which is why he must be voted out in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. It would be nice if other things occurred too (getting the Palestinians to come to their senses and becoming true partners for peace with Israel, neutralizing China and North Korea and stabilizing the Middle East and safeguarding American and Western interests there to offer three examples) but these elements are the essential ones.

Is there hope? Without Obama there is, with him there isn’t.

2012 here we come.

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