The United Church’s ridiculous resolutions, Re: United against the Jewish state, National Post, July 29, 2009

The resolutions concerning Israel before the United Church of Canada’s General Council are perfect examples of a mentality based on ignorance and ‘thinking’ that can only be described as lazy at best and hateful or non-existent at worst. They may or may not be anti-semitic but they are certainly anti-Israel and cannot be taken seriously because they are so obviously biased and one sided. Additionally,┬áthe resolutions are misleading, inaccurate and incendiary and have nothing to do with reality, past or present. They are not statements of fact and are nothing more than a detestable screed that the Church must strongly reject if it is at all interested in peace in the Middle East and in retaining whatever credibility it has left among people who look at things from a balanced, not prejudiced, perspective and who really do know what they’re talking about regarding the situation in the region.

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