President Obama lies about America’s national security, Re: Obama plans a leaner, cheaper military, Washington Post, January 5, 2012

President Obama’s lies to the American people are well-documented and far too numerous to list here. There simply isn’t enough space. Suffice it to say he has lied about every area of domestic and foreign policy there is, without exception, as he attempts to justify his bankrupt ideology and agenda and obvious failed policies to American’s…obvious to everyone except his cronies and fellow ideologues that is. He has lied by commission and omission and his lies have been both spectacular and subtle.

Yesterday he lied about national security. In announcing $450 billion in cuts to the defence budget over the next ten years (with another $500 billion likely to come) Obama tried to convince the American people that their national security would not be jeopardized and that the American military would continue to be able to protect them and the country itself from external threats, nuclear, conventional and otherwise, despite losing a huge percentage of what was already a barely adequate expenditure for defence. He also tried to convince Americans that the United States would maintain its military superiority and would continue to be able to carry out its international obligations and project American power abroad whenever necessary.

All of which is complete rubbish.

The American military has just been gutted and crippled and its ability to defend Americans and America has just been severely compromised. Let me repeat that. The American military has just been gutted and crippled and its ability to defend and protect Americans and America has just been severely compromised

Not surprisingly there has been a firestorm of criticism against the cuts, by politicians and pundits of all stripes and military and defence analysts and ordinary people of all political persuasions. The only people who haven’t criticized the cuts are America’s enemies. They must be cheering their good fortune and laughing their heads off at Obama’s stupidity. They know that the cuts make the U.S. immeasurably weaker and that their chances for a successful attack, nuclear, conventional or otherwise, have just risen significantly, perhaps exponentially.

In fact, the cuts guarantee that an attack or attacks will take place because a weak America is a vulnerable America and the cuts make America weak and vulnerable indeed. The United States was already a very tempting target because its enemies have questioned Obama’s willingness to respond in force to an attack but it is a much more tempting target now because its capacity to respond in force is open to question as well.

Obama also lied by when he announced the cuts by saying that they were a result of America’s dire financial situation. They aren’t. They are a result of his spendthrift ways, his big government, top down, central control, socialist mentality, his antipathy, even dislike, towards America and her institutions and principles and his absolute unwillingness to bring domestic spending under control because that might jeopardize his re-election chances. The United States is in a dire financial situation to be sure but it is largely, almost exclusively of his own making and even so cuts to the defence budget are unnecessary and won’t solve the problem anyway.

He didn’t mention any of that, did he?

Besides, national security is something an American President should not mess around with and Obama is clearly doing precisely that, for political and ideological reasons no less. He’s a liar and its all rubbish alright and the American people should react by unequivocally rejecting him and tossing him out of office.

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