“Don’t say Islam is violent or we’ll kill you”, Re: Canadian TV Host Gets Death Threat, TheReligionofPeace, January 8, 2012

Michael Coren is a respected, award winning Canadian television host, author, syndicated columnist and journalist who has regularly discussed Islam in a critical manner and who frequently hosts guests on his television program who voice their criticisms and concerns about Islam as well. He recently received a particularly egregious death threat from a Muslim in Mississauga, Ontario which threatened to harm his wife and children in addition to him. Death threats are nothing new to Coren (or to anyone who is publicly critical of Islam for that matter) and all of them are egregious but this one was particularly so, which is why it became public.

The fact that anyone who publicly voices criticisms or concerns about Islam is threatened with death and is in constant danger of being murdered is not surprising at all.

Islam cannot accept or tolerate criticism and threatening and/or killing critics is a religious imperative for true believers. Criticism is viewed as rejection of Islam and Allah and rejecting Islam and Allah is absolutely forbidden upon pain of death. Anyone who questions any aspect of Islam or points out any of its many flaws, inconsistencies and hateful aspects, no matter how mildly or innocuously, is also seen as a critic and may be threatened or murdered at any time as well. All of this applies to non-believers as well as believers.

That is what Islam does and what Islam has always done. It threatens people and it kills them. It has been doing so since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago and it is doing so in our time all over the world, even as we speak. There is no such thing as moderate Islam and never has been. It is a supremacist religion of death, violence, degradation, hatred, intolerance and misogyny which seeks to bring everyone under its control and have everyone submit to it and it will not allow criticism or dissent of any kind. That is what it is now and that is what it has been from the beginning.

Islam is obviously completely incompatible with free, democratic, secular, pluralistic societies and such things as free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of, and from,religion, freedom to think and act as independent human beings and so on. Islamization is a large and growing problem in every free society, the United States and Canada included, and it is in fact the single most serious threat to freedom and free societies that exists today. Unless free people excise it from their midst their days of being free are numbered.

People who expose Islam for what it is and raise the alarm are true heroes and heroines. That includes Michael Coren. People like the person who sent the most recent death threat are nothing more than savages whose attitudes and behaviour should have no place in Canada or any other free country.

Why should Coren or you or I or anyone else have to worry about being threatened and murdered if we criticize or question Islam?

We shouldn’t.

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