Iranian hypocrisy, Re: Killing off Iran’s nuclear scientists, one at a time, Toronto Globe & Mail, January 12, 2012

A top Iranian nuclear scientist was killed by a car bomb in a targeted assassination in Tehran yesterday. It was the fourth such targeted assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in the last two years.

The Government of Iran accused Israel and the United States of carrying out the killing and vowed to continue developing its nuclear program, the goal of which is to produce nuclear weapons to be used against both countries, against Israel in order to annihilate it and remove it from the face of the earth and against the United States in order to first eliminate the U.S. as an impediment to establishing Iranian hegemony in the Middle East and beyond and then to eventually wipe it off the map as well. That is the program’s purpose and Iranian denials are lies and nothing more than attempts to deceive the Israelis, the Americans and the rest of the international community in order to forestall military action against the program until it is successful and Iran possesses nuclear weapons.

All because of hatred and disgust for Jews, Christians and free societies. All because of hatred and disgust for Israel, the Little Satan and the United States, the Great Satan. All because of Islam. All because the Iranians believe making Islam supreme everywhere is their divine duty and Israel and the U.S. stand in their way.

Iran has vehemently protested the assassination but all Iranian protestations are nothing more than sheer hypocrisy. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and the Government of Iran and its agents and proxies are directly responsible for innumerable acts of terror resulting in destruction and death throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. The Government of Iran and its agents and proxies kill people in large numbers regularly and frequently, which makes its protestations about the assassination ring very hollow and renders them meaningless and hypocritical. Furthermore, if Iran did acquire nuclear weapons there is no doubt whatsoever that it would use them to kill millions upon millions of people. Iranians don’t believe in the sanctity of life and their protests about the death of a nuclear scientist simply cannot be taken seriously.

So Iran’s nuclear scientists are being killed off. Good. Better that than allowing Iran to become a nuclear power. Let’s hope it works. If it doesn’t, the only other option for keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands is the military one e.g. a preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Although that would engender a great deal of destruction and death it would prevent much, much more and is far preferable to allowing Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands is the number one priority for Israel and the United States (and also for many other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, truth be told) and if it takes the death of a few scientists instead of a preemptive military attack to achieve that so be it.

If it takes a preemptive military attack, so be that too.

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