New York Times unwittingly indicts President Obama, Re: Iran Face-Off Testing Obama the Candidate, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, January 16, 2012

The New York Times long ago lost its reputation and status for reporting objectively on the events of the day. Its reporting is left wing and biased in the extreme and it has taken an uncritical, apologetic, unbalanced and totally supportive approach in its reporting on Obama and his actions, as but one example. However, it unwittingly indicted Obama in a story it just printed that was published in order to elicit sympathy for him because of the myriad difficult decisions he has to make as President and to show how these decisions may impact his chances for being re-elected in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

According to the Times, whose sources on this story are impeccable, Obama and his administration are reluctant to take much more firm measures than they have in the past to prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons because if they do it could damage the American economy and hurt him as he campaigns for another four year term in office.

Leaving aside the facts that Americans know that their economy is damaged almost beyond repair and that Obama’s economic performance has been miserable and incompetent and that they also realize a nuclear armed Iran would be catastrophic for them and their allies, the story clearly shows he is making making decisions on matters that are indisputably in the national interest from the point of view of Obama the candidate, not Obama the President. He is weighing his options and trying to decide which are the better ones for him as he campaigns, not as he governs. As the Times says, in this instance the question in this instance is whether or not nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands would be more damaging to his campaign and the possibility of him being returned to office than an even more eviscerated economy or is it the other way around?

You can be sure that whatever decision he makes he makes about this will be the one he perceives as best for him, not the country…you can also be sure that whatever decision he makes about anything will be made from the point of view of Obama the candidate, not Obama the President. He will do what is best for him, not what is best for America and Americans. How will it, whatever it is, affect my re-election chances? That’s the question he’ll ask about everything.

You can’t get a much more serious indictment than that.

You can’t get a clearer picture into his mindset and personality either.

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