They’re Being Taught to Destroy and Kill too, Re: Muslim Children in America are Being Taught to Hate, Family Security Matters, January 19, 2012

Hatred for America and everything it stands for is being spread throughout the Muslim/Islamic community in the United States and Muslims everywhere are being told to reject American values and the American way of life and that it is their solemn duty under Islam to bring the country down and turn it into an Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law. Hatred, violence, destruction and death is being justified, encouraged and taught all over America by Islamists who believe Islam must reign supreme in the United States, that freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism and all the other things which make America what it is must be destroyed to make this happen and that anything which brings this about, including violence and mass murder, is legitimate.

This poison is being spread in mosques, schools, colleges, universities, on the internet, in social media, in bookstores, indeed in a wide variety of different ways, and there isn’t a section of the country that hasn’t been affected and infected. It is widespread and becoming more pervasive every day. Governments at all levels, including the Federal Government and the Obama administration, have fallen prey.

The consequences for the American people and America itself are apparent and becoming more so every day as well. Violent acts carried out in the name of Islam happen regularly and frequently (many of them truly horrific and despicable) and there are constant attempts to undermine and eliminate the laws, principles and institutions that are the bedrock of the country, to get rid of them and replace them with Islamic ones. The very nature and fabric of the United States is being changed and Islam and its evil practices are already predominant in many parts of the U.S.

None of this is surprising to anyone who knows anything about the essence of Islam, about Islam as it really is and always has been, not as it is sugar-coated by its adherents and a media that is complicit in keeping its true nature and history from being exposed. Islam mandates strict obeisance to its requirements and will brook no dissent whatsoever. It is supremacist, expansionist and uncompromising, demands that all those it comes in contact with submit to it or suffer terrible consequences and legitimizes anything, repeat anything, which allows it to establish and maintain itself. There is no room at all for freedom or democracy or tolerance in Islam and it is fundamentally incompatible with Western countries like America.

Islam is at war with America and means to conquer the United States and force all Americans to submit to it and live under Islamic law. Of that there is no doubt. Whether it succeeds or not is open to question but many parts of the country have become thoroughly Islamicized and many of our institutions have been compromised and it very well could.

The onus is on all of us, Muslims included, to have the knowledge, foresight, courage and strength to rid ourselves of the scourge of Islam and preserve our freedom, democracy, values and way of life. If we don’t America as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Don’t think these comments apply only to America and Americans either. They don’t. No place is immune from Islam’s depredations, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Australia, no place, and if you live in a Western democracy they apply to you and your country too.



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