Lies, omissions and delusions, President Obama’s loaded State Of The Union speech, Re: Obama’s State Of The Union: The Hollow Man Speaks, American Thinker, January 25, 2012

Virtually every speech President Obama makes is characterized by outright lies, delusions and/or convenient omissions. It has always been like this but the characteristic seems to be even more pronounced recently because of the upcoming presidential election, to me at least. The 2012 State Of The Union speech he just gave is a prime example and was marked by all three.

I’ll cite four examples of each rather than discuss all of the many examples I could give. This seems fitting as it was Obama’s fourth (and hopefully last) State Of The Union speech.

Let me mention a quote from the speech first though that should be of great concern to Americans who believe in the rule of law and the separation of power between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government, to Americans who want to preserve our system of checks and balances, to Americans who want to be governed instead of ruled.

Obama said “With or without this Congress, I will keep taking actions that help the economy grow.”

Leaving aside the fact that Obama and his socialist, interventionist, big government, top-down policies and his profligate spending have practically destroyed the American economy and have crippled the country for years to come, this is Obama saying that he will act unilaterally if he so chooses, that he will not allow Congress to stop him from doing whatever he wants, that he will not be bound by the rules, regulations and conventions that Presidents are normally bound by, that the law doesn’t apply to him and that he will do what he thinks is best whether Congress likes it or not. It is him telling us he will act as a dictator to get his way, not as a President. He has regularly ignored or circumvented he legal and constitutional restrictions our system places upon a President since he took office but this statement makes it very clear that he sees himself as a dictator and will continue to act as one.

That’s dangerous and treasonous. “With or without this Congress” indeed…it doesn’t work that way and any President who thinks and acts differently, like Obama, isn’t fit for office and should be censured and removed.

And now onto four lies. Four of many.

Lie number one-”We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected around the world.”

This is utter nonsense. The U.S. is most certainly not safer than it was when Obama became President and respect for America has plummeted everywhere. We have lost the peace in Iraq, Afghanistan is an unfolding disaster, Iran is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons, the Middle East is imploding and anti-American feelings are rampant and growing throughout the region, our military is being gutted and may no longer be able to protect us, our friends and allies no longer trust us, attacks are increasing in number and frequency at home and abroad, our enemies are implacable and have taken to ridiculing us, Russia, China and others grow stronger as we grow weaker, we have lost the ability to impose our will or even influence events as they unfold and on and on. The country itself is not safe and neither are Americans, either at home or abroad, and respect for us has diminished wherever one looks as well.

Lie number two-”The state of our Union is getting stronger.”

More utter nonsense. Its getting weaker day by day in no small part because of Obama’s politics of demonization, vilification, race, blame, envy and division. The country is far more divided than it was when Obama took the Oath of Office because it is following the example he sets. He demonizes and vilifies anyone who disagrees with him and any institution which impedes him, plays the race card constantly, blames anyone and everyone for everything, stokes the fires of envy and fosters division by always referring to Americans according to their differences, as black, white, rich, poor, immigrants, non-immigrants, union, non-union, religious, non-religious, rural, urban, red state, blue state and so on. The country is growing more balkanized and Americans are becoming more divided along all kinds of lines as we speak and Obama has played a very large role in this. That makes the Union weaker, not stronger.

Lie number three-”Tonight my message to business leaders is simple: Ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything it can to help you succeed.”

No it won’t. Will it reform an unfair and punitive tax regime? Will it get an omnipresent, overweening, overwhelming Federal Government off of employer’s backs and make it easier to do business and create jobs in America? Will it break the power of the unions and special interest groups? Can it ensure a ready supply of skilled labor and will it take the necessary steps to provide it? Will it provide meaningful, universal incentives to businesses and corporations who bring jobs back? Will it recognize that capitalism and small government create jobs and socialism and big government don’t and act accordingly? Obama knows the answer to these questions and others is a resounding no and was lying when he said the country would do everything it could to bring jobs back.

Lie number four-”our health care law relies on a reformed private market, not a Government program.”

This is perhaps the biggest lie of all, which is really saying something. Obamacare is most certainly a Government program because it was conceived, created and rammed down our throats by Government, Obama’s Government, because every aspect of it is controlled by Government and because it is funded by Government to the tune of hundreds of millions (if not trillions) of dollars annually. Saying Obamacare is not a Government program is like saying America’s humongous and growing deficit and debt can be overcome by a bigger Federal bureaucracy. It just isn’t so. Obamacare is wildly unpopular and may yet prove to be unconstitutional and illegal and Obama may be lying to try and distance himself from it to help him get re-elected, but a Government program it certainly is and he knows it. Pull the other one Barack.

Onto four omissions. Four among many.

Omission number one-any notion of personal responsibility for the predicament America and Americans are in.

Omission number two-any notion of humility.

Omission number three-any mention of Islam and the Islamization of the United States.

Islam is totally incompatible with American values, principles, institutions and laws and is a serious threat to the very existence of the country. Islamic practices have taken over in communities nationwide at the expense of freedom and democracy, Islamsts are trying to expand their reach throughout the land and the Islamization of the U.S. is well and truly underway. Obama made no mention of any of this in his speech, nor did he denounce it or outline any plans to overcome it.

Omission number four-any reduction in his personal circumstances in order to show sympathy and support for Americans who have had their personal circumstances reduced during his Presidency.

Obama did mention that he gets tax breaks he doesn’t need…why not take the difference between what he does pay in taxes and what he would pay under his tax reforms and donate it to a worthy cause? Michelle Obama has 30 personal assistants and he and his family take frequent, lavish, expensive vacations on the public dime. Why not reduce all of that? Obama omitted to tell us that financial responsibility and living within one’s means doesn’t really apply to him and that he fully intends to continue his exorbitant spending. Some example that sets.

Four delusions now. Like the lies and omissions, four among many.

Delusion number one-brightness of being.

Obama considers himself to be the brightest, most competent person in the room, a person whose intellect and ideas are far superior to those of us mere mortals…anyone who begs to differ is ridiculed, discounted and marginalized. He is arrogant beyond belief, considers himself blameless for the mess the country is in and thinks it is in the mess because his inferiors have rejected him and prevented him from implementing his agenda. He thinks he is above us all and that the Presidency and the country revolve around him. He referred to himself in the first person 88 times in the State Of The Union speech. His record tells us in clear, unequivocal terms that his “brightness of being” is vastly overrated. Points taken.

Delusion number two-rhetoric will trump reality.

Obama believes that his soaring rhetoric will cause Americans to overlook the harsh reality of their lives and the sorry state the country has fallen into at home and abroad under his leadership and return him to office for another four years. He thinks of himself as a silver tongued orator whose brilliant speaking can convince Americans that more of the same will safeguard and improve their lives and restore the country to its rightful place in the world. In his view, Americans will ignore the reality that is everywhere around them and return him to office on the strength of his rhetoric. History tells us the opposite. Reality always trumps rhetoric in the end and it will in the next election as well. Talk is very cheap as they say and the American people know it.

Delusion number three-grandeur.

See delusion number one and omission number four.

Delusion number four-staying the course will bring vindication.

Nothing could be further from the truth. America and Americans have suffered immensely under Obama’s stewardship and more of the same will bring more suffering, not less. That is also something history teaches us. Far from vindicating him more of the same will cement his spot as the worst President Americans have ever had. He could even go down as the President who presided over the death of America and the American ideal, the President whose idiotic policies led to the death of freedom, democracy, capitalism and the American way of life.

That’s Obama’s 2012 State Of The Union speech in the raw, a speech that was an affront and a warning and a speech which was loaded with lies, omissions and delusions.

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