Shoeless and clueless in Gaza, Re: Palestinian protesters target UN chief Ban Ki-moon, BBC News, February 2, 2012

Throwing shoes at someone is a major sign of disrespect in the Islamic world. It is an insult of the highest order.

A crowd of Palestinian “protesters” threw shoes at United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during a violent “protest”as his convoy entered Gaza from Israel earlier today. This insulted him and the UN and showed a great deal of disrespect for both.

The Secretary-General is visiting the area to try and breathe new life into peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israelis have long said that they are willing to start talks without preconditions immediately. Palestinians have long said that certain preconditions must be met before talks begin, including an Israeli withdrawal from land it captured when it was attacked in 1967, the release of all Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons regardless of their offence or offences and a second freeze on construction in territory Palestinians consider to be their own, wrongfully I might add.

Since nothing happens in Gaza without the permission and approval of Hamas and since the last thing Hamas wants is peace with Israel (it is sworn to Israel’s destruction and was born to destroy Israel, not to live in peace with it) it is safe to say the entire affair was orchestrated by Hamas to let the United Nations know that it wants the UN to force Israel into meeting Palestinian preconditions, preconditions which would jeopardize the very existence of the Jewish state. The “protesters” were most likely either paid by Hamas to “protest” or threatened or intimidated into “protesting”. That the “protest” turned violent is not surprising at all. Hamas is a violent organization made up of violent men who see violence as the answer to everything, as the means by which they will achieve their ultimate end e.g. wiping Israel off the map and removing it from the face of the earth. Palestinians in general think and act the same way and share the same goal.

That makes them both shoeless and clueless.

Shoeless because they have no respect for Israel or Israelis and because they see Israel’s existence as an insult and affront to them and their religion, Islam. Shoeless because they don’t respect anyone or anything whose views differ from theirs and because they see such views as disrespectful and insulting, to them and to Islam. Shoeless because they have been hurling shoes literally and figuratively at the international community since decades before Israel even existed.

Clueless because they don’t understand that they will never have a state of their own and live peaceful, prosperous lives as long as they remain unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and refuse to allow Israelis to live in peace and security in their own country, as long as they commit acts of terror and war against Israel. Clueless because they don’t understand that they are completely dependent on the largesse of the international community (especially the United States and Israel) for their economic survival and that their economy would collapse in an instance if that largesse were withdrawn or even reduced. Clueless because they think that attacking, insulting and disrespecting the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the United Nations itself will advance their cause.

The international community and the United Nations should hurl a few shoes at Hamas and the Palestinians. The fact that it doesn’t means that it is either clueless about how they really act and what they really stand for or that it is complicit in their poisonous and destructive actions.

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