President Obama and his administration’s misplaced concern, Re: US anxious over possible Israeli plans on Iran, Jerusalem Post, February 3, 2012

President Obama and his administration are concerned that Israelis may launch a unilateral attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to destroy them and thus prevent the Iranians from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons in an attempt to obliterate the country and remove it from the face of the earth, as they have pledged to do many many times. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that Israel will attack within the next six months, possibly as early as April, because after that a successful unilateral attack will be much more problematic due to increased Iranian fortifications.

American concerns center on the impact an Israeli attack will have on the 2012 Presidential election and how it will effect Obama’s chances of being elected. Obama and his administration believe that whatever the U.S. does or does not do should Israel attack will have a very negative effect on them and are trying very hard to convince the Israelis not to attack in the first place or to hold off until after the election if they do, which is of course why Panetta publicly voiced his opinion, shocking, despicable, dangerous and traitorous though voicing it was. Obama’s reelection is more important than anything to him and his administration, including Israel’s survival and U.S. national security, which would be severely threatened and jeopardized if Israel was crippled or destroyed. Panetta’s pronouncement compromised both but so what? If Obama is reelected so be it the thinking goes.

Presidential politics aren’t a factor for the Israelis however. Keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s possession is the most important consideration of all for them and if launching a unilateral attack is the only way to do that a unilateral attack there will be. Israelis know that their survival and the survival of their country hinge on keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power and they also know that their fate is in their own hands because no one else, least of all President Obama and the United States, will stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. They also know that their window of opportunity is closing fast, which means that Panetta is probably right…Israelis will launch a unilateral attack within the next six months, possibly as early as April, in order to prevent a nuclear attack on them by Iran, in order to keep them and their country from being annihilated by Iranian nuclear weapons.

Obama and his administration’s concern is entirely misplaced. They shouldn’t be concerned about the effect a unilateral Israeli attack will have on the 2012 Presidential election at all. They shouldn’t even be thinking about that. What they should be thinking about is the effect an Israeli attack will have on the United States, both a successful attack and an unsuccessful one. What they should be thinking about are the consequences for the U.S. of an Iran with nuclear weapons. They have already decided not to take any meaningful action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and to leave Israel to try and do so with the only option at its disposal, the military one. If Israel is successful, what does the United States do in its own best interests? If Israel is unsuccessful, what does the U.S. do? What does the U.S. do if Israel needs help after the attack has been launched? What does America do if Iran retaliates by attacking the United States? By attacking Israel? These are some of the concerns Obama and his administration should be thinking about. The 2012 Presidential election isn’t one of them. That’s Obama and his administration thinking about themselves. Thinking about the United States and the safety and security of the American people are something completely different.

Panetta voicing his opinion and in effect warning Iran of Israel’s intentions was shocking, despicable, dangerous and traitorous alright. Obama defended Panetta and that action was shocking, despicable, dangerous and traitorous too. It also sent Israel a clear, unequivocal message as well, for the umpteenth time I might add. It told the Israelis that are on their own, that they can’t depend on the U.S. for anything and that America can’t be trusted to keep its secrets. Not as long as Obama is President anyway.

Don’t think Israel, which is integral to America’s national security and is America’s closest ally and only true friend in the Middle East, hasn’t taken notice.

 Don’t think the American people won’t take notice as well.

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