Imams lie to Canadians about Islam, Re: ‘Honour killings’ are sins: clerics, Vancouver Sun, February 6, 2012

In response to the murder in Kingston, Ontario of four female members of an Islamic family by the families patriarch, his second wife and his eldest son thirty four Imams from Canada and the United States issued a fatwa in Mississauga, Ontario last Saturday condemning honour killings, domestic violence and misogyny as non-Islamic, saying that these things had no place in Islam and Islam couldn’t be blamed when they occurred in Islamic communities.

Those are lies, blatant, deliberate lies.

Violence against women and children is at the very heart of Islam and has been since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago. It is sanctioned and mandated in the Koran and has been upheld in innumerable rulings and religious texts through the ages. It has always been an integral part of life under Islam and remains so to the present day in Islamic communities all over the world, including Canada. This is the incontrovertible, unvarnished truth and anyone who says differently is either an apologist for Islam, knows nothing about it, is gullible or is lying through their teeth.

Three of the four victims were the teenage daughters of the patriarch and the fourth was his 52 year old first wife. That all four victims were female is no surprise.

In Islam, there is no penalty at all for a father who kills his child. In Islam, a woman is nothing more than a chattel, a piece of property, and all aspects of her life, including her sexuality, are controlled by men and she has no freedom or independence of her own except that which is granted to her by them. Even that has strict limitations and is at the behest of men. In Islam, women are objects and are in no way equal to men, in Islamic law or in practice. Women can be assaulted, mutilated or murdered for many reasons in Islam and offending men in some way is one of them. That includes causing men to lose face or offending their sense of Islamic propriety in some way, acting outside of Islamic bounds and Islamic religious imperatives as laid down in the Koran. The bulk of Muslim men in Canada and the United States treat their wives, children and female siblings in a kind, loving, respectful, non-threatening, non-violent manner but that is in spite of Islam, not because of it. If they are not so inclined Islam gives them every reason to act as they wish. Put another way, if they are so inclined, Islam gives them every reason to act as violently as they see fit.

Honour killings, domestic violence and misogyny non-Islamic? Rubbish, absolute rubbish. They are the prerogative of every man and are part of the very core of Islam, part of its essence and nature. The three teenagers offended their fathers honour and he felt perfectly justified by Islam in murdering them, which he was. His first wife was simply disposable and Islam justified him getting rid of her too.

The thirty four Imams are of course well aware of all this. That raises the question of why they lied, why they tried to deceive Canadians? Why did a Calgary, Alberta based Imam say “So if anybody is thinking that honour killing is allowed in Islam, or domestic violence is okay or misogyny is okay, we are saying no, you are dead wrong,” when he knows this is untrue, when he knows the opposite is true? Islam answers that question very clearly.

Taqiyya, Kitman and Islam’s mission that’s why.

Islam is a religion of submission and conquest and its mission is to have everyone on earth live under Islamic rule and Islamic law, Sharia. That comes directly from Allah through Islam’s Prophet Muhammad to the Koran. It is the duty of every believer to spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law throughout the world by whatever means are necessary. Taqiyya and Kitman are two means that have been widely used from Islam’s beginning and both are in wide use today just as they have always been.
Both are part of a well developed Islamic canon sanctioning lying and deception.

Taqiyya is lying or deceiving by saying something which isn’t true and Kitman is lying or deceiving by omission, by telling part of the truth and leaving out the rest. They may be used in a wide variety of circumstances, one of them being to gain the trust of unbelievers to make them weaker and more vulnerable and bring them closer to submission by neglecting to mention or glossing over Islam’s essence and nature and intentions and making it seem benign instead of the malignant force it is in reality. Believers have constantly lied to unbelievers throughout history to bring them closer to being under Islam’s yoke and that is why the thirty four Imams lied to Canadians. The Imams want to bring Islam and Islamic law to Canada and softening up Canadians helps them to do so.

More fools Canadians if they believe them. More fools Americans and everyone else too.

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