Israel must attack Iran in 2012, Re: ‘Iran must attack Israel by 2014′, The Middle-East Magazine, February 9, 2012

Israel must attack Iran in 2012.

Iran and its Islamic rulers are consumed by hatred of Jews, hatred of Israel and a diabolical desire to annihilate both, all in the name of Islam. A strategy specialist to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei named Alireza Forghani has just written a document laying out the legal and religious reasons why Iran is required by Islam to attack and annihilate Israel, to remove the country from the face of the earth and kill all the Jews living there. The document was published on a website with close ties to the Ayatollah, which means that the Government of Iran endorses its conclusions and will work, is working, to carry them out.

This kind of rhetoric is nothing new in Iran. In the name of Islam, the Iranians want nothing more than to obliterate Israel and murder all the Jews there and the publication of this document is just the latest instance of them telling the world their intentions. Once they possess nuclear weapons they will have the ability to carry them out and there is no doubt whatsoever that they will try and do exactly that, which is why Israel must attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities in 2012 at the latest. Iran is getting closer and closer to becoming a nuclear power and if the Israeli’s wait much longer it may be to late to prevent it from becoming one.

That would make an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel and a nuclear war in the Middle East and beyond a dead certainty. And make no mistake, the Israelis will have to do it soon and will do it soon. They’ll have to because no one else will, least of all the feckless Americans under President Obama. Nothing else will keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands and the Israelis know it, even if Obama doesn’t. Or refuses to admit it. Or doesn’t care. Or doesn’t have the courage and sense to act militarily, even though it is patently in the best interests of the United States as well as Israel.

According to the document “In the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014.” That means with nuclear weapons, since it is already attacking Israel in myriad ways on any number of fronts and has been for some time. If the Iranians can attack Israel with nuclear weapons before 2014 they will do so and unless Israel attacks them in 2012 they may very well attack long before then.

Americans shouldn’t kid themselves either. The Iranians hate them almost as much as they hate Jews and Israelis and America and Americans are firmly in their sites too. Just like it is doing with Israel Iran is already attacking the United States in myriad ways on a wide variety of fronts, including in the American homeland, and there is no doubt at all that Iran’s nuclear weapons will be used against the U.S. in due course if Iran is successful in developing them…the rhetoric tells Americans that and so does Iran’s actions and behaviour. The United States is after all the Great Satan and it is unquestionably on Iran’s hit list after Israel, the Little Satan.

All in the name of Islam. In fact, if Americans want to know what’s in store for them if Iran isn’t stopped all they need do is type in Iran must attack Israel by 2014, download the document and substitute Americans wherever they see Jews or Israelis and America or the United States wherever they see Israel.

First Israel, then the United States, or maybe even both at the same time Allah willing. Obama isn’t listening, but Americans should be.

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