Wrong Messiah, Wrong President, Re: Obama’s Agenda: A Midyear Briefing, Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2009

Critics of George Bush thought he had a messianic complex. If he did it was nothing compared to Barack Obama’s.

President Obama’s first seven months in office have been a failure on every important front and his mentality will not permit him to change direction or moderate his thinking or course of action. He believes his agenda is best for the country and the world and he will do everything he can to implement it, regardless of opposition or evidence to the contrary. Radical change is necessary in all areas and radical change there will be, no matter what anyone else might think. After all, no one knows better than him, right?


Obama’s popularity in America is plummeting because the people are beginning to see that his attitudes and policies will do nothing but diminish their quality of life and make them much more vulnerable and insecure in a very dangerous world. There is a real possibility of him being a one term President because he is such a patronizing, divisive figure whose inexperience, simplistic thinking, lack of depth and ignorance of the world and the way it works is more telling every day. Enemies of America and the West have had him figured out for some time now and have been taking advantage of his naivete’ to weaken the United States and sow discord and doubt among it’s allies ever since. The American people areĀ  starting to see him for what he is as well, a pompous windbag with no substance who is in way over his head.

Want some examples? Lets look at foreign policy. In seven months he has allowed Iran and North Korea to bully and intimidate the U.S. and seriously threaten it’s strategic interests in the Middle East and Asia, alienated long time allies like Israel and Japan, appeased dictators, autocrats and theocrats around the world in the name of expediency and contrition, demonstrated his profound ignorance of history and regularly denigrated America and it’s values, among other things. In general, we are much closer to world war because the United States has become weaker on his watch, despots and terrorists have become emboldened and stronger and countries that have depended on America for protection can no longer do so and will take matters into their own hands militarily if need be.

Obama has been no more successful domestically. The economy remains in a shambles and the huge deficits he is piling up are wildly unpopular, his version of health care reform is enormously complex and expensive, does not begin to deal with underlying problems in the system and fails to provide universal coverage, the government has become far more intrusive in the lives of ordinary people, the country has become more divided because of his racial politics and partisanship and sleaze continue to be the norm in Washington, again among other things.

With just under three and a half years to go before the next election we can only hope that politicians of both parties will prevent him from doing more damage than he’s already done and that they will mitigate and redress at least some of his actions. It’s already too late to save his Presidency however. Thankfully.

Too bad. He could have been one of the great ones. If only that messianic complex didn’t get in the way….

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