Loss of leadership will be catastrophic, not just costly, Re: It’s Too Costly to Abandon American’s World Leadership, Wall Street Journal, February 19, 2012

The ultimate guarantor of freedom and democracy for the United States and the rest of the free world is the American military and the willingness of Americans to use it to defend and protect the U.S. and other free countries around the globe.

Every free, democratic country on earth faces enormous external threats to its survival, none of them except the United States (for now anyway) are capable of defending and protecting themselves against attack and all of them depend on the U.S. for defence and protection. America has provided this over the years because American administrations have been smart enough and prescient enough to recognize and understand that defending and protecting others meant that they were also defending and protecting the United States itself. The current administration in Washington isn’t smart enough or prescient enough to recognize and understand this however and is busily eviscerating the American military and reducing, in some cases eliminating, its capability, making everyone extremely vulnerable. If things keep on going on the way they are, the military will soon lose the ability to defend and protect the United States, never mind anyone else.

When that happens the results will be catastrophic, not just costly, catastrophic, and entirely predictable. The U.S. will be attacked and conquered, there will be death and destruction on a massive scale, freedom and democracy will disappear, Americans will be forced to live under tyranny and oppression and the country as we know it will no longer exist. The rest of the free world will share the same fate.

If Americans don’t want any of that to happen they must strengthen, not weaken, their military and categorically reject any attempts to strip it of human and material assets and take away its ability to defend and protect the United States from foreign attack and defend and protect the rest of the free world too. They must also rediscover their self confidence, their mojo, and convince their enemies and potential enemies that they will be flattened if they attack the U.S. or any of its allies. No one really believes that anymore because the threat of American deterrence no longer exists. It is essential to restore that as well.

Americans shouldn’t underestimate or gloss over the seriousness of the threats they face. There are already several countries that would love to bring the United States to its knees which will soon have the military means to do exactly that if the U.S. stays on its present path. American weakness makes its fate a foregone conclusion and the fate of the rest of the free world a foregone conclusion too.

It is said, correctly I might add, that there is no free world without the United States. It is equally correct to say that there is no United States unless its military is stronger and more capable than its enemies and potential enemies and unless the U.S. is willing to use it as required.

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