More deceit from Iran, Re: Iran says pre-emptive strike on “enemies’ possible, BBC News, February 21, 2012

Iran has threatened to launch a pre-emptive strike if its enemies endanger its national interests.

This is nonsense and one more example of Iranian deceit because Iran has always attacked its enemies. When has Iran not launched strikes against them? Never, that’s when.

So who are its enemies?

There are three primary ones and many secondary ones.

The three primary ones are the United States, (the Great Satan), Israel, (the Little Satan), and believers in the Sunni branch of Islam, (Sunnis).

The U.S. is Iran’s enemy because it symbolizes and epitomizes freedom and democracy (freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and all the other freedoms Americans enjoy are forbidden by the state religion, Islam, and are abhorred by Iranians), because it is a successful consumer driven society whose citizens live rich and varied lives in stark contrast to the tightly controlled, bleak lives of Iranians, because Iranians are disgusted by the so-called immorality and excessiveness of American life, because American military might and resolve help Israel to defend and protect herself and because the same military might and resolve keeps Iran from establishing its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond.

Israel is Iran’s enemy because its population is overwhelmingly Jewish and hatred and disgust of Jews is endemic in Iranian society and part and parcel of the Iranian mentality, because Israel is located on land the Iranians consider part of the Islamic world, because Islam, the state religion in Iran, mandates the subjugation, denigration and murder of Jews and by extension the removal of Israel from the face of the earth, because Iranians are envious of Israel and the accomplishments the country has achieved in the 60 odd years of its existence which dwarf its own in the same time span and because Iran cannot achieve its dreams of conquest in the Middle East and beyond as long as Israel exists.

Sunnis are Iran’s enemies because Iranians are Shiites and Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting and killing each other for 1,300 years or so, ever since the Prophet Muhammad died. This means all the Sunni nations in the Middle East are by definition Iran’s enemies too. That includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf States, Jordan and all the others in the region.

Because of political, ideological, economic, geographic and religious reasons Iran has many other enemies too, but the United States, Israel and Sunnis are the main ones. At the moment anyway.

So what are Iran’s national interests? It is interested in four things, over and above anything else.

It is interested in wiping Israel off the map, in destroying the country and murdering as many Jews as possible in the process and subjugating the ones that are left.

It is interested in bringing the United States to its knees, in conquering the country and turning it into an Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law.

It is interested in establishing its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond, including Europe and North and South America.

It is interested in developing and possessing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them because that will enable it to meet its goals.

That Iran has launched frequent overt and covert attacks against its enemies, especially the United States and Israel in the past few decades, is beyond dispute. It has committed many acts of war against both and has done everything it can to meet its goals short of a large scale military confrontation with one or the other. That’s coming soon, because the only way to stop Iran from achieving its goals is to destroy its military, to take away its capacity to achieve them. The Iranians won’t stop on their own and nothing else will do the trick.

Since the United States doesn’t recognize and understand this and under Obama doesn’t have the sense or courage to use its military against Iran anyway despite the numerous and ongoing provocations and the crystal clear threat to the U.S. and since the Israelis understand full well that Iran must be stopped if their country is to survive and that using their military is the only way to do it, here’s betting that they will soon launch a pre-emptive strike of their own because they know they have to and they know they are running out of time, know that Iran will become a nuclear power before much more time goes by. In doing so they’ll save themselves and the United States too, to the eternal chagrin and shame of Americans, who after all still possess the most powerful military in the world.

In the meantime the world, especially the United States and Israel, will have to put up with more threats, bluster, deceit and acts of war from Iran, more overt and covert attacks, more murder and death and destruction and terrorism, more ‘pre-emptive strikes’ if you will.

Israel saves itself and the United States from Iran!

What a story for the ages that will be.

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