The biggest hurdle is Islam, Re: Hurdles That Block an Israeli-Palestinian Peace, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, February 22, 2012

The biggest hurdle blocking peace between Israelis and Palestinians is Islam. There will never be peace unless Palestinians and their fellow Arabs reject Islam and refuse to abide by its commandments regarding violence and Jews. Never.

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Violence is intrinsic to Islam and is part of its essence, part of its nature and character. It is not possible to look at Islam objectively and dispassionately and not be astounded and sickened by how violent it really is and always has been. Violence is sanctioned and mandated in Islam and Islamic violence is a matter of historical record from the time it first came into existence to the present day. So is brutality, murder, denigration and subjugation, which are also sanctioned and mandated by Islam.

Palestinians and their fellow Arabs are consumed by hatred and disgust for Jews and by extension Israelis and Israel itself. Palestinians and their fellow Arabs demonize and vilify Jews from the day they are born until the day they die and see nothing wrong with mutilating and murdering them, even Jewish women, children and old people. In fact, they celebrate and revel in such inhuman acts. This behaviour and the hatred and disgust which enable it is rooted in the Koran and in the Prophet Muhammad’s teaching and activities and has been a part of Islam since it first came into existence as well. That is the real reason why there is no peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians and their fellow Arabs can’t bring themselves to make peace with people they have hated and been disgusted by for 1,400 years, ever since Muhammad came on the scene. Palestinians and their fellow Arabs can’t bring themselves to reject their religion and refuse to abide by its commandments regarding violence and Jews. Until they do, you can forget about peace in the Middle East.

A Palestinian politician named Mustafa Barghouthi has called for peaceful protests by Palestinians against Israel and its presence in the West Bank. If there are protests they won’t remain peaceful for long because peaceful protests or peaceful anything else go completely against the grain in Islam and are entirely out of character with it.

The Koran contains at least 109 verses that exhort Muslims to go to war with non-believers and Muslims who do not go to war are called hypocrites and warned that Allah will send them to hell if they do not participate in the slaughter. Mr. Barghouthi and his peaceful protesters better be careful that they aren’t accused of being hypocrites and sent straight to hell.

That’s Islam for you.

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