Obama sings while America sinks, Re: President Obama sings ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Washington Post, February 23, 2012

Under President Obama America is sinking economically, constitutionally, socially, militarily, morally, politically and spiritually. The problems the country faces are many and varied and extremely serious and America and Americans are in grave danger on a wide variety of different fronts. The United States is in deep trouble everywhere you look and it is entirely possible that it might not be able to effect a turnaround and return to prosperity and glory, to its rightful historic place at the forefront of the free world. Its also entirely possible that it might not survive as a free, democratic nation, indeed might not survive at all.

So what is our President doing while all this is happening, besides making things worse on virtually a daily basis that is?

He’s singing, that’s what.

Obama sang some lines from a blues classic called ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ during a concert at the White House last Tuesday. This follows him singing out a line from an Al Green song called ‘Lets Stay Together’ at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in New York last January 19.

Obama is singing while America is sinking.

Remind you of anything?

Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind.

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