That settles it, Re: Netanyahu: we must decide our own fate, The Guardian, March 5, 2012

The meeting in Washington yesterday between U.S. President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel had one very clear result. Obama failed to convince the Israelis that he would protect them if Iran developed and possessed nuclear weapons or that he would do anything meaningful to keep the Iranians from becoming a nuclear power in the first place and Netanyahu refused to place Israel’s security and survival in his hands and reserved Israel’s right to take whatever action it deemed necessary to protect itself and keep the Iranians from launching a nuclear attack against Israel, which they would most assuredly do as soon as they were able to. The result is a preemptive unilateral Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons development and production facilities is now inevitable and that attack is going to come soon because Iran is close to developing and possessing nuclear weapons and is getting closer every day. Obama failed and his failure means that the Israelis are now absolutely certain that they will have to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities on their own if they want to prevent an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel. They were close to being certain before but they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt now.

Nothing else has worked or will work and the Israelis know that too. Its very unfortunate and tragic, but the Israelis have no choice because in this instance in the world they live in it really is kill or be killed. At least they recognize and understand this and have the willingness and capacity to act in self-defence and try to protect themselves. Americans are in mortal danger too but they are not going to act under Obama and will pay a very heavy price down the road because they put him in office, regardless of what Israel does.

Actually, they’ve already paid a very heavy price. Its going to be a lot heavier though if he’s elected again.

The Israelis are of course absolutely right not to trust Obama and are also absolutely right to keep their fate in their own hands. Never mind Obama’s well known and well documented antipathy towards Israel and the many actions he has taken to place her security and survival in jeopardy…given his narcissistic personality, all the lies, deceit, flip-flops, backtracking and rationalizations in his track record, his ruthlessness, his abandonment of other friends and allies, his shallowness, his general level of ignorance, his Islamic background, his far left ideology and his overwhelming desire to get elected again no matter what it takes, who in their right mind would trust him about anything? No one, that’s who. As for Israel keeping its fate in its own hands, no one can look at history and present day reality and argue with that either, except of course those who would like to see the country and its people removed from the face of the earth.

Like the Iranians.

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