Israel…Jews saving Christians from Islam, Re: Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians, Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2012

Christians are being attacked, dispossessed, exiled and murdered all over the Middle East and their churches, shrines and religious paraphernalia are being burned and destroyed throughout the region, all at the hands of Islamists (followers of Islam) acting in the name of Islam. Except for Israel, Christians in every single country and area in the Middle East, including Gaza and the West Bank, live in fear and trepidation and face constant heavy-handed persecution, subjugation, degradation and the threat of death. The Islamic world acting in the name of Islam is trying to remove Christians and Christianity from the land and is well on the way to success. In another generation or two, Christians will be almost entirely gone and so will most of the physical evidence that they were ever there to begin with. Religious cleansing is going on throughout the Middle East and Christians are being cleansed by Islamists acting in Islam’s name and according to its imperatives.

This is nothing new of course, not to anyone who knows anything about Islam and history anyway. It has been going on since Islam first came on the scene and is no different today than it ever was. Hatred and disgust of Christians has been a basic, intrinsic, fundamental part of Islam from the very beginning and Islam has a 1,400 year record of treating them absolutely abominably, of viewing them as inferior beings who are less than human. Its not just that they are held in low regard. They are held in no regard at all and therefore Islamists can treat them with impunity with no fear of consequences under Sharia, Islamic law. In fact, Islam mandates and demands that Islamists view them and treat them the way they do. It is the will of Allah as expressed to Muhammad and is entrenched in the Koran and as such Islam leaves Islamists no choice in the matter. There are terrible consequences for not obeying the will of Allah, but none for doing what he commands, for obeying him and carrying out his commandments.

One of which is Koran 9.5, which reads as follows “ Fight and slay the pagans Christians wherever ye find them and seize them, confine them and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush.”

That is by no means the only passage about Christians in the Koran or the rest of the Islamic narrative, all of which are in the same vein.

Thanks to Allah, Muhammad and Islam that’s the reality Christians and Christianity face in the Middle East. That’s the reality they have always faced.

Except in Israel, where its a very different story.

In Israel, Christians and Christianity flourish. Christians are free to practice their religion without interference from the state or anyone else and Christian churches and holy places are under the exclusive control of Christian clergy and authorities. Christians participate fully in the life of the nation…they serve in the Knesset, the Foreign Ministry, the Supreme Court and virtually all other Israeli institutions as well, including the military. They are welcomed and appreciated and the Israeli government protects them and their holy sites from Islamists as the need arises. Christian communities in Israel have expanded by more than 1000% since the country’s founding in 1948 and Christian immigration shows no signs of slowing down at all. Indeed, Christians from throughout the Middle East are clamouring to come to Israel and escape the horrors of living under Islam.

Islam and Islamists hate and revile Christians but they hate and revile Jews even more. Jew hatred and disgust is commanded by Allah and entrenched in the Koran and the rest of the Islamic narrative and is part of every Islamist’s being. It is something they simply cannot escape and have to act upon. The treatment of Jews by Islamists throughout Islamic history has been every bit as terrible and barbaric as their treatment of Christians and remains so to the present day. It is very ironic that Jews protect Christians from Islam and Islamists in the Middle East and gives Islamists one more reason to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

Christians flourishing in a thriving Jewish state in the Middle East surrounded by Islam and Islamists…Christians being protected and saved by Jews from Islam and Islamists in the Middle East…maybe God really does have a sense of humor.

The Christian and Jewish God that is.

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